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Publix, a retail supermarket in the United States, is headquartered in Florida, United States. Publix has locations in several states. Publix renders services more than groceries shopping. Learn more about Does Publix Take Checks

Does Publix Take Checks

All the forms of checks are not acceptable at Publix. Payroll checks and personal checks are accepted at all the store locations. However, there is a limit of $500 on payroll checks and $75 on personal checks. Nevertheless, proper identification is a prerequisite to the acceptance of checks. In addition, the store manager gives the verdict on the approval or denial of in stores.

Publix takes checks but not all forms are accepted. The list of the accepted check is :

  • Payroll checks.
  • Cash checks.
  • Personal checks.
  • Business check.
  • Handwritten check.

The list of checks that are not acceptable in Publix store locations are :

  • Stimulus check.
  • Tax refund check.
  • Unemployment check.
  • Cashier’s check.
  • Third-Party check.
  • Settlement check.
  • Insurance check.

Publix does not accept these checks because of several reasons. Some of the reasons are 

  • They are tax refund checks.
  • They exceed the $500 limit.
  • They are government-issued checks. However, some locations accept government checks. It has to be properly verified at the cashing service desk of the store.
  • The company’s policy.
  • Risk of fraud and scam.
  • Some are settlement checks and they are not accepted.

Checks that are acceptable in Publix stores are often payroll checks. They are accepted provided they do not exceed $500 for handwritten checks and $75 for business checks. Handwritten checks also have limitations of cashing once daily.

Requirements of Check Usage at Publix

Identification documents are required to cash checks at Publix stores in the United States. Some of these identification documents are :

  • A valid driver’s license.
  • A state-issued Identification.
  • A Military Identification.

Schedule of Publix Store Concerning Checks 

Publix stores are open every day except on some public holidays. Provided the store is open, you can be assured that checks can be cashed anytime, weekends inclusive. Once a customer service representative is available at the cashing desk, a customer can cash checks. Cashing checks are done between 7 am and 10 pm which is the normal operating hours at Publix stores.

Furthermore, Publix has a limit on the frequency of cashing certain types of checks. Payroll checks for instance, can be cashed once a week while handwritten checks and personal checks are cashed once every 24 hours.

How is Check Processed at Publix?

Firstly, Publix uses Certegy to process checks at its stores across the United States which determines the limits on the different types of checks.

Certegy can reject checks based on the terms of suspicion among others. There are several reasons a check can be rejected. One of them is if the check is illegible. Bounced check in the system also encourages rejection of Certegy intentionally or not. 

If rejection occurs, there is nothing Publix staff can do about it. Nevertheless, if a check is denied in a location, it doesn’t mean automatic denial in other locations. It might, however, be accepted in other Publix locations.

However, if this error persists, Certegy is reached to resolve the issue swiftly to prevent subsequent occurrence.

Payment Forms Accepted at Publix

Other forms of payment accepted in Publix stores are:

  • Cash
  • Checks with proper identification
  • Publix pay app
  • Debit cards
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • WIC program
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer EBT


Publix accepts some checks at its stores. Although, there are limits on the payroll and personal checks accepted. The limits are $500 and $75 respectively. The checks that are not acceptable at Publix include insurance checks, third-party checks, stimulus checks, unemployment checks, settlement checks, cashier’s, and tax refunds.

Cashing checks at Publix stores is sure within the operation hours of 7 am – 10 pm during the week and weekend, provided the store is open. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there charges attached to cashing checks at Publix?

Publix does not cash checks for free at its stores. The charges for cashing checks are low, ranging between $3 and $4. Although, the charge fee does not exceed $4 in most Publix store locations regardless of the value of the check.

  • What happens if the check is over $500?

Publix does not cash checks above $500 and has a limit on checks cashed. A limit of $75 for personal checks and $500 for payroll checks.

  • Give a brief history of Publix.

Publix is a grocery chain retail company in the United States, established in 1930 in Florida, US. Publix was established by George Jenkins. Publix is currently owned by employees and members of its family of Jenkins. Publix is now a private corporation and has extended its operations to the South-Eastern part of the United States with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Does Publix Take Checks? – Learn More

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