Does Tractor Supply Hire Felons

Tractor Supply Company(TSC) is an American chain of retail outlets that sells an extensive array of products for agriculture, equine and pet care, livestock, farm supplies, and lawn and garden maintenance. It is a retail farm and ranch supply store.With an estimate of 46,000 employees, TSC is arguably the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States. Tractor Supply hires felons as long as the hiring criteria are met. The HR department runs background checks on all potential employees. Felonies are analyzed based on the nature of the crime, the time duration of how long ago said crime was committed, and its’ relation to the desired employment position. Lets know Does Tractor Supply Hire Felons or not?

Does Tractor Supply Hire Felons?

Background Checks on Applicants

On application at any TSC outlet, a background check is conducted after a conditional employment offer is extended. These background checks usually take between a few days and three weeks and are run on all new hires regardless of position.

They include identity verification, credit reports, driving records, and criminal history.

Tractor Supply has no official policy against hiring felons.A quote from Nakisha Anderson, a member of the human resources department at TSC, confirms that people with criminal backgrounds are often hired. She also mentions that although a felony conviction does not automatically disqualify an applicant from employment, certain felonies are denied based on the seriousness of the crime, how long ago the crime occurred, and its’ relation to the position sought by the candidate.

Felons with DUI/DWI charges are not likely to be hired for positions that involve driving. Likewise, people with a background of financial crimes will not likely be considered for openings that involve handling finances.

Repeat offenders also have a low chance of getting hired.

Generally, if the felony was committed over 10 years ago, it may be overlooked by employers.

Visibility of Felonies 

The visibility and extensiveness of felonies in a person’s background after certain time marks vary according to state laws.

In some states, background checks consider all crimes as far back as seven years while in some others, all available information on criminal history is assessed.

Background checks in some states include non-guilty convictions while in some others, only guilty verdicts are included.

In certain states, after a certain duration, criminal records can be sealed. Most non-violent criminal records can be expunged in most states in America.

Expunged records are not visible in background checks for employment.

The rules that control expungement vary depending on the state’s laws.

A potential applicant with felonies on their record can consult a lawyer to inquire about the possibility of the expungement of their record.

 How to Get Hired at a Tractor Supply Company With a Felony: Hiring Process

Employment requirements at any TSC outlet are relatively lenient. Requiring no previous experience, diploma/degree, or professional certifications, the essential functions of a TSC employee include efficient customer service, recovery of merchandise, operating a cash register, operating machinery, etc.

The skills required for positions at TSC include basic math knowledge, good work ethic, reliability, and efficient communication.

Any relevant experience or skill set relating to farm or tractor equipment or rural living, in general, is especially helpful.

Most of the positions offered to require effective interaction with customers and other co-workers-good social skills.

The roles of an entry-level position such as the position of Team Member include guiding customers, offering product knowledge, and heavy lifting to assist customers with their purchases and stock products onto shelves for accessibility.

These staff generally enhance the shopping experience for customers and maintain a good knowledge of product information.

Information concerning available job opportunities and position vacancies and their application forms are accessible on the TSC online portal.

These application forms are available both online and at TSC stores. They are designed to include information about personal details, education, and previous work experience.

Questions related to criminal history are not included on the form.

After application, the hiring process consists of an interview, background check, and a drug test.

As regards the interview, punctuality, presentability, and neatness are important qualities that TSC employers take note of.

Bringing a hard copy version of your resume and other important documents is practical. Providing accurate information and complete honesty about criminal background is also quite important.

The chances that an applicant gets hired after a felony in their record is discovered only on completion of a background check are low.

If the candidate, passes the background check, they are officially hired. Otherwise, the conditional offer is rescinded and the employment contract, terminated.

In conclusion, Tractor Supply has no official code against offering employment to convicted felons. As a company, they consider the totality of a candidate and consider several other factors related to the employment criteria and the felony in question.

It is then determined whether the conviction indicates any risk to the interests of the company’s work environment.

Frequently asked questions
  • Does Tractor Supply hire applicants with misdemeanors on their records?

TSC may sometimes hire applicants with misdemeanors on their records as they are of less severity than felonies. The presence of a misdemeanor does not automatically disqualify a candidate for a position.

  • What is the drug policy and drug tests conducted?

Tractor Supply has a drug-free workplace policy. Applicants with felonies related to drug possession/use are likely to be assessed based on how long ago the crime occurred and then drug tested.

TSC does not conduct drug tests for all job positions. Usually, the retail staff is not tested.Managers and warehouse workers, however, are tested on hiring and at random.

Employers may also drug test a member of staff at entry-level who files an accident report or is suspected to be using drugs.

Mouth swabs or urine samples are typically used for these drug tests.

  • Does TSC have special programs for hiring felons?

No, the company does not offer programs that cater specifically to felons.

They do, however, offer employee assistance, tuition reimbursement, and adoption assistance programs.

TSC also offers benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, long-term disability insurance, paid leave, etc

Does Tractor Supply Hire Felons

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