Searching for a hotel to check into as a minor can be a hassle. Especially when you are 19, two years away from being an adult according to societal standards and local laws. This hassle is an impact of the stereotype that young people are irresponsible. So, even if you are hardworking and have a job and all that, you do not get the benefit of doubt. But, in terms of hotels, some have that benefit of doubt. You do not have to be frustrated anymore, because, on this page, you will get to see a couple of hotels you can choose from, should you need a hotel accommodation. Let’s know more about HOTELS THAT ALLOW 19YEAR OLDS 


On this page, five hotels have been highlighted which allow 19year olds to check-in. They include Fairmont Hotels, Choice Hotels, Motel 6, Airbnb, and hostels. You will get to see details about them on why you should consider patronizing their service. Also, you’ll get to the body which sets the minimum age policy, whether it’s a good idea to check in to a hotel at 19 and what your best options are. 

Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont Hotels is your best bet if you are 19 and need a hotel to lodge. Why? Because their age limit for check-ins is, you guessed right, 19! They have a total of 76 properties in Canada and the USA, so there is a chance to get one at your location. 

Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels have approximately 7,110. That is the range of hotels you get to choose from because 19year olds are allowed to check-in without an adult. But, there are specific locations which have their age limit from 21. This means you have to call ahead and find out if the location you have decided on is the right one for you. Now, if you are an 18year old, you will have to be with someone 21years or older. 

Motel 6

Motel 6 has about 1,430 properties across Canada and USA. Most of which allow 19year olds to check-in. some will require you to have a valid military ID or be at least 21. Should you choose to check-in here, you will get free Wi-Fi, free local phone calls, and morning coffee. 


Airbnb has a total of over 4 million hosts who have had approximately 900 million guests since its launch in 2007. The uniqueness of this type of lodge makes the experience stand out as you can get a wide variety of options. Do you wonder why I am going on? Because you can get in as a 19year old! Although, hosts can decide on older age limits. Not to worry, that rarely happens. 


I am sure you are wondering why ‘Hostels’ is here. That’s because it is another best bet for you as the clientele is within the young age group, as low as 16. 

Should a 19-year-old be checking into a hotel?

Quite frankly, you should be able to, for several reasons. Traveling with friends, going on solo academic trips, or even taking a vacation. It’s beneficial and less stressful for the individual, especially when you’re alone and know no one in the location. 

What body sets the official minimum age policy?

There is no official minimum age hotels are to abide by. That’s why the minimum age requirements vary from one hotel to the other and it’s either 18years and above or 21years and above. They put into consideration your ability to make legally enforceable contracts, local laws of the location and the availability of alcohol in the hotel. Hence, hotels set it to protect their business interest. 

What is the best hotel check-in option for 19-year-olds?

There are several hotels with policies flexible enough to accommodate 19-year-olds checking in. But, you have to call ahead of time to be certain. The good part is, Choice Hotels and Fairmont Hotels are your best options. With the two hotels, you don’t have to second guess your chance of spending a night or more there. 


The rigidity of hotels toward 19-year-olds checking in can be frustrating to the demographic. That’s why some hotels have policies which are in their favor. We’ve seen some of these hotels above and hopefully, you get to choose from one of them when you need their services. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Can 19-year-olds check into hotels?

Yes, they can. Although, not all hotels are open to this. 

  1. What are the best hotel options?

You should go for either Choice Hotels or Fairmont Hotels. They are the surest in their policies and you don’t have to call for inquiry ahead of time. 

  1. As a 19-year-old, can I check in to a hotel with a minor?

Because you are a minor yourself, it isn’t advisable. Although, you can call the hotel to make inquiries. 


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