How To Call In Sick At Amazon?

Sick days are particularly important in business, as they help the employees of a particular organization from getting sicker or making other people sick because they have to go to work sick. Depending on the organization, the number of sick days an employee can call in sick changes. For Amazon, even though it changes from profession to profession inside the company, there is an unpaid sick leave option available. Of course, this depends on the profession or the reason for calling in sick. Let’s know  How To Call In Sick At Amazon?

How To Call In Sick At Amazon?

If you clicked on this article, you are looking to find out how to call in sick at amazon if you work or if someone you know works for Amazon.

Things to Keep in Mind

Officially, Amazon allows employees 20 hours of unpaid sick leave every three months, which in total makes up 80 hours per year of unpaid sick leave. This time is tracked by Amazon’s employee point system; so, you need to be careful and keep how many hours did you use in your unpaid sick leave pool before you ask for another day off.

Then, you need to decide if you need to call in sick. Because the employee standings in the company can change or be affected by how many hours they’ve taken for sick leave, one needs to be mindful when they are calling in sick. If you are sick, however, you should not fall into the rabbit hole of corporate one-upmanship and need to look after your health before anything else. Well, that is easy to say, but you also need to be thinking about the financial consequences of taking unpaid sick leave.

It might seem like a scary task to ask for time off from your employer but if you think that you can benefit from staying at home, resting, and getting better, you might want to use those time-offs.

How to Call in Sick?

To call in sick in Amazon, you need to have the app Amazon designed specifically to schedule unpaid time off or overtime. You need to go to the app and apply for unpaid time off. You are not done yet! Then, you need to email your team leader or supervisor and need to let them know that you are taking a day off for sick leave. You need to ask your team leader or supervisor regardless of if you work remotely or on-location, the system is the same for both.

Try to ask your team leader once you are getting symptoms, and do it as soon as possible, because if you are asking for time off too late for the supervisor’s liking, they still have the right to unfortunately decline your application for your sick day off and may want you to come to work regardless.

Again, you have to be careful about how many work hours you are taking for taking a sick leave. You have to keep track of the hours for the reason that if you exceed your allotted time for unpaid sick leaves, you might receive disciplinary action from your employer. Some websites might tell you that you need to be mindful of using your sick leave as if you can time when you are going to be getting sick. Even though this is egregious and laughable, you can still time things by using your vacation and other time offs wisely to not only get unpaid leaves but also paid leaves if you are mindful of the system and how to use the app.


Unpaid sick leaves are becoming more of a reality with every passing day, and one needs to be careful and mindful of how often and in what ways they take sick leaves from their jobs. Amazon is one company where it is quite easy to ask for sick time off from an app designed specifically for this purpose and by sending an email to your team leader or supervisor. 

Overall, one needs to be mindful to ask for time off as soon as they figure out they will be needing it. They also need to be careful about the financial aspect of time off as there only seems to be unpaid sick leaves available for Amazon employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I exceed my sick leave hours?

Depending on the reason for your sick leave, you may be eligible to be paid during your sick leave; however, you need to run this by your supervisor and communicate with them. If you exceed your hours without such a reason, you may receive disciplinary action, and depending on how common you take days off without valid reasons, you may receive other warnings or, Amazon might cut ties with your employment. However, this is the worst-case scenario and if you communicate with your supervisor, they can lead you to the right path.

  • How early do I need to call in sick?

Depending on the situation at your workplace, your supervisor can reject your application to call in sick. For this reason, you need to call in sick as early as possible for a better chance to get your day off.

How To Call In Sick At Amazon?

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