How To Connect PSP To Wifi?

PSP or The PlayStation Portable was the first handheld console released by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released in Japan on December 12th, 2004, later followed by North America and the rest of the world. Being released at a time when the internet wasn’t really a big thing in everybody’s life but later in its lifetime some people struggled with connecting it to wifi and that’s what we’re going to answer today. Let’s Know How To Connect PSP To Wifi.

How To Connect PSP To Wifi

Connecting your PSP to wifi is an easy task that can be done with some simple steps but here are some pre-requisites to know before connecting it to wifi like making sure your PSP is updated to at least 2.0 version. The WLAN switch can vary depending on which PSP you own. The earlier PSPs like PSP 1000 and PSPgo have the WLAN switch on the left side of the device. The newer version of PSPs like the PSP 2000 and 3000 have it on the right side of the device. 

Step 1: Turn on the WLAN switch

Step 2: Scroll to the left side of the icons to access the settings.

Step 3: Select Network Settings from the Settings section.

Step 4: Select Infrastructure Mode which further allows the PSP to access wifi connections.

Step 5: Select New Connection, this will make a new connection on your PSP so that you can connect to wifi.

Step 6: Select the Scan button and your PSP will start looking for any available networks, make sure you are close enough to your router so that your device can scan it.

Step 7: Click X and select when you see your Network, once you select it press the Right Arrow Key

Step 8: Scroll down to WPA- PSK (AES) and press the Right Arrow.

Step 9: Press X and type in your wifi password. Press the Right Arrow key after typing in the password.

Step 10: Select Easy and click the Right Arrow again which will save the wifi settings to your PSP.

This should get the Wi-Fi setup on your PSP. You can confirm the settings and Click X to save them. You can also test your connection, if the test was successful without any errors then congratulations you were able to set up Wi-Fi on your PSP successfully!

Can’t see or connect to a wifi network on the PSP?

The older PSPs didn’t show the security type only supported WPA- PSK (AES) and if your router has any different kind of security type you won’t be able to connect it to the network. Make sure your PSP is fully updated to the newest firmware. If you still can’t connect to the wifi network you can also use a mobile hotspot that supports the PSP. The newer PSPs show the Security type of the wifi which makes it easier for us to connect to the network knowing the security type and shouldn’t face any problems.

Can we still download games online on the PSP?

After connecting your PSP to a wifi connection you used to be able to download games online through the PSP store. While the original PSP store was shut down way back in 2016 which makes it difficult able to download games online. But you can still get PSP games through different game stores that are still being continued like the PS3 and PS Vita Stores.


It is pretty easy to connect to the wifi on the PSP but it is such an old device most of the services are being discontinued or already discontinued by Sony. Despite that fact, you can still connect to the wifi, and the only two things you need for it is a stable wifi connection and your PSP. The newer PSPs allow the users to have a smooth flowing connection to the internet which opens up a lot of possibilities that can be discovered even after the PSP digital libraries were discontinued last year July.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. My PSP says the connection failed, what should I do?

Try connecting to the wifi again. If the device still shows the same error try restarting your router as it can be a problem with your router and not your device.

Q2. What if I don’t have a WPA connection and a WPA2 one?

PSP only supports WPA connections, unfortunately. You can instead try connecting your PSP to your mobile hotspot.

Q3. Are PSP servers still up?

Sony announced that the PlayStation Store will be shutting down for both PSP and PlayStation 3 on July 2, 2021.

Q4. My connection strength is very weak, how do I improve it?

There is no internal solution for that, try to sit close enough to your wifi router or reduce the obstructions between the wifi and yourself like walls, etc.

How To Connect PSP To Wifi?

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