How To Install Ring Video Doorbell Without Existing Doorbell Chime

Ring video doorbell is a great source to make your home secure. It can make you feel safe even when you are not at home. Ring video doorbell allows you to see who is outside of your home, without opening the door. 

How To Install Ring Video Doorbell Without Existing Doorbell Chime

It works on the mobile application that shows the face of the person or the thing that is outside the home through the camera. By using the app, you can talk to the person outside the home. Now, you want to install it but do not know how to do that. This article will make you do the work without hiring an electrician. 

Collect the tools like screws, drill machine, screwdriver, and box cutter, charge the doorbell, download the app to control it, connect with it, and adjust it at a suitable height on the door where you think things will be visible for you. Set at that place. Check it’s working on the app and set your preferences on the ring controller app. 

How to install a ring video doorbell?

It’s easy to install even if you are doing it the first time. Follow these guidelines to install the doorbell.

  1. Selecting the doorbell and charging process

You have two options in ring doorbells either you can buy a normal ring doorbell or ring video doorbell pro. You have to charge the battery if you have a simple doorbell. For pro, you don’t need to do that. The voltage requires for a simple version is 8-24 V AC but a pro doorbell uses 16-24 V AC so it’s better to have an 18 V AC adapter. 

After getting out the ring doorbell, charge it using the inside cables in the box. It will show green and red lights during charging. Charging will take time up to 6 hours. It will be better for you to buy the bell a day before you want to set it up. When it is charged fully, the red light will get off.

  1. Connect it with the App 

Whatever gadget you are using, smartphone, tablet, IOS, or windows operating system, install the app on it to get connected with the Ring video doorbell. It will enable you to manage security even when you are not at home. 

Create an account on the app by putting your information. You will get an e-mail to confirm it and your account is ready. 

Follow these steps if you are unable to connect your device

  • After opening the app, choose device setup and select doorbells as a device. 
  • As you are installing a new ring doorbell, it has a code on the packaging, scan it. You can also select no scanning to move further. 
  • Give your ring bell name. Like front side bell or backside and set up your address. 
  • The process will be started to connect it with your Wi-Fi through Wi-Fi settings. If your Wi-Fi signals are not strong enough to catch by the ring doorbell, use a Wi-Fi extender to make signal delivery fast to the doorbell. 
  • Ring doorbell light will start blinking after gets connected. You can check it in the settings. 

Installing ring video doorbell

Before installing the bell, complete the tools that you would need. Doorbell packaging usually has the instructions and guidelines. You can see from there what you will need. if you lost the cover, these are the things you would need. A screwdriver, a drill to make a hole, a box cutter that’s enough. 

  1. Attach the bell to the wall

Bell is attached to the bracket that gets connected to the wall. Adjust it on the wall where you want to place it. It has a level tool for its proper adjustment. 

Closely watch the level tool to confirm that it is even. Mark the four points when it is in the center. Use a pencil for it so you can make holes by drilling the points. Attach the bracket by tightening the marked screws. For better connection, exert some pressure on it. 

The ring doorbell has the screws on the bottom side. Make them lose and adjust the faceplate and tighten them. Press the button of the ring doorbell. It will start and a connection will establish with the app as well. 

  1. Final touch

Check the functioning of the ring doorbell.  Make sure it’s working and you can see all the things through it. App connection should be your preference. 

  1. App settings

The main process has been completed and your ring bell is working properly. The next thing you have to focus on is the app settings. Set which type of preferences you want. Use the app features. Set the sensor adjustments to detect motion, use night vision adjustments, and choose whether you want to focus your camera on the front side or want to rotate it. You can also select the type of notifications you want to receive. 


Now, installing the ring video doorbell is not difficult for anybody. You have to take the tools, set the bracket, and mark it to make drills in it. Tighten the screws and use a level tool to place them properly. Connection with the app is also explained step by step. Make sure that if you have an electrical connection then make a call to the electrician. It is necessary for safety purposes. 


Which one is better Ring Video Doorbell or Nest Doorbell?

Ring doorbell will active when it detected any motion but Nest Doorbell will show you a video of the whole day. Moreover, Nest Doorbell has a feature of pre-recorded messages for the visitors but the ring doorbell doesn’t have that kind of feature. 

Can we control the ring bell through voice?

Yes, you can manage it. If you connect it with the Google Home device or Alexa, you can control it through your voice. 

How To Install Ring Video Doorbell Without Existing Doorbell Chime

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