Is Dr Phil Show Staged?

Dr. Phil’s show is one of the most popular and controversial shows watched by audiences worldwide. It is an American talk show that was created by Oprah Winfrey and was hosted by Phil McGraw.  Let us know ‘Is Dr Phil Show Staged?’.

Is Dr Phil show staged?

Is Dr Phil Show Staged?

It is not staged like other reality TV dramas or fictional dramas. For the sake of drama, the executive of the show has urged that they not tell their guests to act in a certain manner for the sake of drama. But he reads the scripts for some parts of the show. Such as introducing the guests or some of the interval parts. 

Are all the episodes of Dr. Phil’s show staged?

No, all the episodes in the show are real and nothing is scripted like in other reality shows. Although sometimes they bring in the drama between some episodes, the stories shown in the show are real and nothing is staged. It covers a lot of other topics as well, such as mental health, financial problems, and others. Dr. Phil’s show is based on true stories.

The show does have guests who benefit from the show. The show has had twenty seasons. 

People mostly go to the show to get better, as they know they are suffering from something and need some guidance to overcome it. While some may come for the fame as well. First, let’s make it clear that no one can cure any illness in a show of merely 45 minutes. It requires months of therapy. No one from the show has ever been cured of a mental illness. It’s not even the goal of this show. The show just wanted to put light on the measles illness, its reasons behind it, and in some ways, find treatment for the illness. Whether he is going regularly for his/her therapy is up to the ability of that person. 

Are the guests in this show even real?

Yes, those are real people. Some people even think that guests receive payment to be in the show. That’s not true in all cases. Some guests do receive a payment if they are a celebrity. But others are not paid, actors. They genuinely come to the show for help. Anyone can be on Dr. Phil’s show. You just need to apply on the website. They welcome anyone on the show. However, your acceptance is not guaranteed as there are a few steps involved. Applications get rejected as you do not fit with the upcoming theme or story that they want to show to the world. The guests who appear on the show are real, so the producers are careful about their selection. Not all are selected. Keep in mind that the people on the show are suffering from genuine illnesses and are brought to the show to share their stories with the world.

Is Dr. Phil even a real doctor?

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about Dr. Phil’s qualifications. Many people assume him to be an actual doctor, while others believe him to be a fake. But he was a licensed and practicing psychologist in the state of Texas. But his license was revoked and he left Texas. He left his doctoral profession and started advising his guests on his show on numerous topics. He is, in general, a doctor, but he does not practice it now. 


These are some of the guests that once appeared on the show because of their illness. Let’s see how these gusts are doing today.

  1. Dona-Dona had gained 105 pounds since her marriage. She has barely left her house since her wedding day. She was a guest on Dr. Phil’s show. When Dr. Phil questioned her, she responded that it was safe for her and no one could hurt her when she ate a lot of food. Dr. Phil had advised her to start a new life and look at life in a new way. Dona had taken his advice, and now she is an entirely new person. She is in love with life now, and she even writes a bi-monthly column. She has lost weight too.
  2. Leanne—who was 7 months pregnant when she appeared on the show. She appeared to discuss her eating disorders, anorexia, and bulimia. She has delivered her baby safely, but she still faces an eating disorder.
  3. Tenisa-she appeared in the show and discussed her fear of dying after a tragic accident. Dr. Phil advised her to overcome her fear of death as we only have the choice of living, not death. She followed up on Dr. Phil’s advice, and now she lives her life to the fullest.

Dr. Phil’s show is not staged or fake, but it has a lot of controversies. No guests are paid besides the celebrations. No guests are paid to be on the show. The stories shared on the show are real, and guests come to take advice from Dr. Phil on mental illness. It has been renewed for four more seasons, which is supposed to end in 2023. This show provides awareness regarding then mental health of patients. The stories shown have so much to learn from. No doubts the show is so successful and has massive popularity.


  1. Is Dr. Phil a real doctor?

Answer- Yes, he has a doctorate in psychology, but he doesn’t practice it as he never renewed his license.

  1. Does Dr. Phil follow up on his guests?

Answer- he follows on some of his most memorable guests.

Is Dr Phil Show Staged?

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