LG Tv Not Responding To Remote -Know More

There could be many reasons why the TV is not responding to the remote. There are magic and standard remotes for LG TV so there might be different functions for different remotes. Let us learn why ‘LG Tv Not Responding To Remote’?

LG Tv Not Responding To Remote

LG Tv Not Responding To Remote

The first thing to do is check if ALL the buttons on the remote are not working. If they are not then the first thing is to try changing the batteries. That is the basic thing you can do, other than that the solutions are explained below.

Reasons And Solutions

The batteries are almost always the first thing you should check but even after that if the remote doesn’t work there are a few other things you should check – 

In a standard remote, ensure that you are not blocking the IR Sensor because if the sensor is blocked then no operation would be performed. 

For Magic remote only, if only some functions don’t work then un-registering and re-registering the remote should do the trick. 

The other option for the magic remote can be controlling the trackball in the center of the remote (displays like a computer mouse’s pointer).

The last option is to replace the remote control with a new one. Order one by visiting LG’s online page. 

LG Remote Replacement

The remote control needed depends on the model of the TV. LG TVs are usually compatible with the standard as well as Magic remotes. The magic remote is universal and could be used with any LG TV which also helps when you have multiple TVs and you don’t want to stack so many different remotes for every TV. 

Third-party replacements can also be used if the official remote meant for the TV is not found. A quick replacement for the remote is the Smartthings App on Android and iOS.

Remote Control Apps

LG has an app that lets you use your phone or tablet as a remote for your LG TV. So if you’ve misplaced your remote and you want to do something with the remote then your device can act as a second magic remote for your LG TV. The app has built pop-up ads but they are not dangerous if you download it from the play store or App Store. 

Pairing The Remote

If the remote got unpaired or there is a new remote this is how to pair it with your TV – Hold the power button and press the manufacturer code (the default manufacturer code is 1 or sometimes 2). Then release the power button to complete the process and voila!! Your remote is now connected to your TV. 

Third-party Remotes For LG 

There are quite a lot of remote controls that would work for the LG TVs. Whatever may have happened to the old remote and you want to replace the old one with a new one then here are some third-party remote controls that would work best for your LG TV. 

Gvirtue Remote Control – it’s a no-frills remote control that doesn’t cost much

Logitech Harmony Elite – For consolidating all the remotes into a single device, this might be the one for you.

SofaBaton U1 – multipurpose universal remote


For any reason, the remote control for your LG TV doesn’t work. The first thing would be to check the batteries and then do some checking if other things work or not. And if not then buying a new one is the best solution. There are many alternatives for a new remote control like an app or a third-party remote. So no need to worry if the remote doesn’t work. Just go with it and you will get your TV to do the job you want it to do.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much does a new LG remote cost?

The lowest you can get a universal remote is $10. The replacement usually costs about $22 from an LG accessories shop.

  1. Does the LG TV remote have voice command capability?

Some of the TVs do support voice commands but not all. For the TV to support the voice commands, it has to have an in-built Google Assistant or Alexa. Also, the voice command does not work on a standard remote. To work with voice commands you must have either the Magic remote or the LG app. 

  1. Can you use LG TV without a remote?

Everything has its limitations. So does this. You can certainly use your LG TV without the remote control but there will be certain limitations. It is limited to only the basics like volume control, power function, and channel switching. The console is usually found below or behind the TV frame.

  1. Can you buy an LG TV remote on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon sells LG remotes but you have to check the compatibility according to the model of the TV. 

LG Tv Not Responding To Remote -Know More

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