Meijer’s Employee Discounts-Know More

One of the trends amongst grocery stores is the adoption of various methods of appreciating their employees. This move has proven very successful in increasing the input of employees towards the growth of these stores. One of the methods grocery stores use in appreciating their employees is by providing discounts for their employees like Meijer’s Employee Discounts. These discounts could be annually or throughout their work period. This has also brought about an increment in the number of applications these stores receive. 

Meijer's Employee Discounts-Know More

Maybe you just got employed by Meijer, and you are not certain if the company also tows this line, by making provision for employee discounts, be it full time employees or part time, this article will help you find out.

Basically, Meijer Incorporated have made available for their employees, 10% discounts on merchandise goods. This however exempts diapers, groceries, and recent beauty products.

The 10% discounts offered by Meijer covers both their part-time and full-time workers. These discounts is usually for personal use, unless in certain cases.

Keep reading to find out more about this.

Overview of Meijer Incorporated

Opened in 1934 by Hendrik Meijer, Meijer incorporated have established themselves through the years, as retail giants. Their strategy of combining general merchandise and grocery, expands their average up to 250,000 square feet each, storing over 200,000 items.

Already acknowledged as one of the top class largest growing private companies in the United States of America, Meijer also stands tall as being positioned amongst the top five largest retailers with discount in the cou try.

Currently, the company can be found in over 200 locations, with majority being in Michigan. Operating in two districts of commodity aids, four office hubs, with distribution centers ranging up to ten, Meijer enjoys good success in their business.

As such, Meijer’s stores are always open for 365 days all year, 24 hours all day. This means that customers have continuous access to scores of units, where they can purchase electronics, toys, hardware and clothing.

Alongside having a number of in-store restaurants, some of their shops have been reported to provide banking services, and sell gas.

In short, you can purchase almost anything you want at a Meijer store, including their self-branded products. There have even been reports of customers having shoes repaired. Interesting, right?

However, it is quite noteworthy that, since Meijer’s first opening in 1934, the company remains a family business.

Keep reading to find out about Meijer’s employee discounts and benefits.

Meijer’s Employee Discounts

As earlier stated, Meijer have made available to their employees, a discount of 10% on Merchandise Goods, with exceptions being groceries, beauty products and diapers. It doesn’t end there. There’s also provision for a 5% discount in products branded by Meijer themselves. 

As their employee, you have access to these discounts as long as you work there – till your retirement.

Just incase you work part time for Meijer, and you’re not sure if these discounts also apply to you, continue reading to find out.

Do Meijer Discounts Cover their Part-time Employees?

According to their employees’ referendum, Meijer’s employee discounts cover both full-time and part-time employees. This means that as a part-time, you are still eligible to assess both the 10% discount on general merchandise products, and 5% discount on Meijer’s self-branded commodities.

Alongside these discounts, several bonuses and privileges have been provided by Meijer for its employees. Keep reading to find out.

 Benefits of Being a Meijer Employee

At Meijer, they believe that one way to get employees perform at their best, is by rewarding them. In fact, it is popularly believed that having a job at Meijer, helps an employee live above their bills, making their lives easier.

These numerous bonuses made available by Meijer, add to a favorable balance of work and life. 

Some of these bonuses Meijer’s employees are entitled to, include:

  • Retirement Plan

At Meijer, there is a provision of a retirement plan for its employees, which basically involves giving these employees money after retirement -like a pension plan. However, employees have to qualify for this bonus.

Upon qualification and retirement, the plan is activated immediately that employee retires from their work position. The job category and period of service by employees at Meijer, is used to calculate the amount they will receive as pension.

  • Educational Scholarships

At Meijer, there is an option of educational scholarships for their employees who desire to further their studies. However, to be eligible, employees must have worked in the store for at least one year, be it as part-time or full-time. What’s even better? These scholarships extend to their children. 

Cases of death of a worker who worked for one year or above, or a worker who retired before their child completed their education, are also covered by this scholarship.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare bonuses, mental and physical healthcare inclusive, have also been provided by Meijer. These packages come in form of Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Hospital indemnity, and Vision Insurance. There healthcare bonuses can also be extended to the families of the employees.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts For Savings

Flexible Spending Accounts, FSA for short, have been made possible for M Meijer’s employees. These accounts are meant to aid these employees save. Here, the employees do not need to pay any form of tax with this account.

In fact, the money can be used to pay for some medical bills not covered by the health insurance such as their vision care, which could include purchasing contact glasses, eyeglasses, or even paying to have their eyes examined. 

  • Income Protection

One of the bonuses that majorly influences the careers of Meijer’s employees positively, is the provision of income protection for their employees. This bonus allows for proper management of both their family life and work life. This income protection includes paying them parental leave, giving support for the elderly and children, and paying the employees on time off.


Meijer incorporated have made a 10% and 5% discount available to their employees – part-time or full-time. These discounts are to be used on general merchandise goods and Meijer’s self-branded commodities respectively. Apart from these discounts, there are also other bonuses and privileges made available by Meijer to their employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Use Meijer’s Employee Discount?

Meijer’s employees 10% and 5% discounts, can be used on general merchandise commodities and Meijer’s self-branded goods respectively.

  1. What Is Not Covered by the Meijer Employee Discount?

Items not covered by Meijer’s employees discounts include beauty care products, groceries, cellphones, diapers, basically goods not labeled as general merchandise. 

Meijer’s Employee Discounts-Know More

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