Many service organizations apply different discount policies like the Orangetheory family discount to attract more customers. Fitness centers, which are frequented by people who want to get fit in the summer months and people who want to get rid of their excess weight, are also one of the institutions and organizations that implement these policies. 


Orangetheory fitness centers are also one of those that implement this discount policy. It is a fitness center, which was founded in 2010 and has become popular day by day by expanding its locations. It is available in the United States of America and some other countries. Orangetheory fitness centers have a discount policy under the name of family discount and if you want to take advantage of this kind of opportunity, this article is for you. General Information About Family Discount

The importance of saving money in today’s world is undeniable. For this reason, Orangetheory represents a family discount and different discount types for its fitness customers. All locations of Orangetheory that implement this policy, which is not implemented by every gym, apply this discount, but it may differ in each Orangetheory location point in terms of a specific discount rate. 


First of all, the family membership opportunity under the umbrella of Orangetheory is only available to first-degree family members. So to give a clear example, this includes parents and siblings, but not your uncle or cousins. Of course, there are other requirements as well. Family members are asked to provide proof that they live in the same household. In addition to this, some locations want family members to sign up at the same time. That is, this process varies from location to location. If you consider using the family discount, you should be prepared for all these possibilities beforehand. This difference can also be seen in prices. Orangetheory locations in major cities may have higher discount rates than others. Moreover, it represents family discounts on Elite and Premier membership levels. 

How many discounts From Orangetheory Can One Get? 

In order to talk about the family discount, first of all, we need to talk about which of the different membership types can benefit from the family discount and which cannot. As we said above, customers with Elite and Premier memberships can benefit from the family discount, but a customer, who has a basic membership type cannot benefit from this discount. In addition, any exact information can not be given since the discount rates vary from location to location. 

The person who wants to become a member should call and get information. When we look at the numerical data, we can say that those who have elite and premier memberships can get discounts between 10 dollars and 20 dollars, but again this varies from location to location.

Extra Sessions in Orangetheory And Family Discounts For Them 

You have completed your membership, and you are taking classes, but if you want to take more classes, how does the family discount process work? If you want to add a few more lessons to the package you purchase, you can add them, but there is no family discount for the extra lessons you add, and they are assessed over the normal price. However, if you purchase new packages to increase your lessons, the family discount may apply to the packages. These package types are 10 lessons, 20 lessons, and 30 lessons with different types of fees. Conclusion


In a nutshell, Orangetheory has a family discount policy that seeks to attract, participate and encourage family members. There are some restrictions and obligations to take advantage of this discount. In addition, there are different applications for different membership types within the scope of the family discount, and it is recommended to purchase a package for extra lessons because otherwise, you will not be able to benefit from the family discount. In general, there may be differences from location to location, and the customer who wants to be precise about any issue and wants to get information should get information by contacting the location of Orangetheory they will go to.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does OrangeTheory Have Childcare?

A) No, unfortunately, we do not have any children care units. When you go to the gym to do sports, you may not find someone to leave your child, you can overcome this problem. Since our gym has a family discount and information can be obtained by contacting the location and asking if there are any obstacles for children. If there are no obstacles, you can register your child and ensure that your child has a healthier life.

Q) Does OrangeTheory Have Showers?

A) Yes, showers are available at all OrangeTheory Fitness locations. However, it may differ from facility to facility in terms of quality and number.

Q) Can I combine any promotions I get with the offer?

A) Unfortunately, no. Promotions cannot be combined with an offer.


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