Parmesan Cheese Cost – Know More

Parmesan cheese also famously known as Parmigiano Reggiano has its origin primarily from Italy and is a dense powdery textured cheese that is developed from cow’s milk and is kept for around twelve months to achieve desired results. Let us know more about “Parmesan Cheese Cost”.

Parmesan Cheese Cost - Know More

The cost of parmesan cheese lies within the range of $12 to $24 a pound and is relatively higher in price as compared to the other forms of cheese. It is also one of the organic, nutritious, and flavorsome. People love to call it ‘King of cheeses.’ Essentially the main reason why parmesan cheese is costly as it has a very extensive aging process which makes it unique and lesser in supply. 

One wheel of Parmesan takes around one year to be ready to consume and 131 gallons of milk are supplied for a single wheel of production. It is only produced in northern Italy and the parmesan cheese industry is worth around “$2.5 billion”.

Increase in Parmesan cheese prices

Due to the covid pandemic, there has been a soaring increase in the prices because of the supply chain issues that have been faced by the producers. As the processing time of Parmesan is about ten months, that resulted in a halt of production. In 2021, the prices plummet from $1.50 to $2 a pound. As there were issues prevailing regarding the cow milk’s production subsequently impacted the production of Parmesan leading to a 40-60% increase in its price. 

It is also transported across the ocean and is also one of Italy’s substantial export items. As it is time-consuming and requires accessibility and ample time to import it, there was excessive difficulties and issue due to the pandemic that impacted its reach around the globe. As the most desirable cheese, the higher prices are also absorbed by the consumers willingly giving an edge to the producers and suppliers.

Reasons why Parmesan cheese is costly

  • It is hand-produced 

As its production comes from raw milk that is specifically present in the northern side of Italy which is a very minute area giving it a distinctive aura it was traditionally made through hands and the tradition continues. Parmesan is one of the most desired cheeses in the world. 

  • It has a very prolonged production time

Being produced the same way as many years ago, it has three simple components that include rennet, milk, and salt. They are transformed into curds, then cooked to kill the bacteria and transformed into a wheel of cheese. To maintain its specialty, it is still made traditionally. 

  • Import of parmesan cheese is highly expensive

Importing this cheese is quite costly due to the tariffs imposed by the government, therefore making it pricy for the countries around the globe to import it. Parmesan being one of the best cheeses, people continue to import it because of its finest quality being produced in Italy. These tariffs are passed on to the consumers as a block of high-priced parmesan cheese.

  • Counterfeits of Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese being highly expensive has resulted in people producing fake parmesan cheese which has led to Italy striving to maintain its repute in the cheese market. There is an extensive black market of cheese that itself is estimated to have billion dollars of worth. To compete, regulatory authorities should have strict laws and policies to prevent theft and counterfeits to maintain the uniqueness of parmesan cheese. As cheese is widely consumed and loved and is a very profitable industry hence it has given a massive rise to the presence of the black market. It has been published that 4% of the cheese that is produced gets stolen that also contributes to the higher price of parmesan cheese. 

  • Location 

 Essentially, one of the factors that play a pivotal part in parmesan cheese being super expensive is its very distinct location in the up north of Italy. The area is known as the “Emilia Romania” and the grass prevalent in this small area produces a specific bacterium that helps in giving this cheese its eccentric quality and flavor. 


To conclude, Parmesan is one of the most popular cheeses in the world and various reasons contribute to its high price and limited supply. These reasons also make it unique and its wholesome taste and benefits contribute to its high demand. 

Why is there a demand and supply issue for Parmesan Cheese?

It has been reported that around “329 dairies” in the world that can develop parmesan which has led to the supply and demand issues, making demand greater than the supply eventually causing higher prices.

What are the nutritional benefits of Parmesan? 

This cheese is known to have great nutritional qualities, leading to improved health and lesser disease probability. It is rich in protein and calcium that are very vital for bone health and is easily digestible. People widely use it for their Lacto-vegetarian diets as it is essentially lactose-free. 

Parmesan Cheese Cost – Know More

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