Quickrete Play Sand – Know More About It

Quickrete play sand is a specially sorted, washed and dried, screened sand that has been carefully processed and is ideal for molding, children’s sandboxes, and building. During the cleaning process, dirt, debris, and unwanted materials have been removed and treated to be clean and safe for use. Play sand is commonly used by children, to play in, mold things, build sand castles, and practice as much as they imagine to create.

Quickrete Play Sand

What is Quickrete play sand?

Quickrete play sand is clean, good, and safe sand filtered, ideal for building, and screened for molding. This type of play sand has been washed and dried specifically for safe use. Quickrete premium play sand has a net weight of 22.7kg.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes! Quickrete play sand has been specially prepared; washed, dried, and ready for use. You do not have to fear about sharp objects or rocks in your sand. It can be used to create a safe place for kids, both indoor and outdoor sandboxes. The fact that the sand has a soft feel makes it comfortable for use.

Other uses of quickrete play sand can be used around the home; for crafts or arts, it can also be used for landscaping, terrariums, gardens, and landscaping. Because of the cleansing process, the quickrete play sand is bacteria free, and it also has the ability to prevent harmful bacterial actions from developing.

How to use quickrete play sand for kids?

There are several ways to use the Quickrete play sand for kids. Unfortunately, not all of us are privileged to have beaches near our houses, but with the use of sandboxes, you can bring the experience of the beach closer to your home for the kids. As much as the sand is safe for kids, the need for supervision is also necessary when kids are playing with sand. A few ways you can make use of your play sand are:

  • You can create a personal home playground by filling a water table in your house with the play sand, just for your kids.
  • Quickrete play sand can be used to make therapeutic play tables, both for kids and a means of relaxation for adults.
  • It can be for weight sand and also can be used as grip or traction for vehicles. 

Quickrete play sand vs regular sand for kids.

The use of sand for kids to play has been an ancient method of keeping children busy, it has always been a favorite for kids. It gets them fully engaged. Because sand is a common material, it is vital to know that not all sands are safe to use in sandboxes. You have to know what is a stake when you choose a type of sand to use.

Regular sand has not been regulated to be fit for the use of sandboxes, and most importantly, it has not gotten through the cleansing and purification process. On the other hand, Quickrete play sand has been specially washed and dried for the safe use of kids or any housing activity the sand is required to do.

Regular sand has small stone particles, and may sometimes contain small sharp objects that can injure children when playing with the sand. But with the Quickrete play sand, has been processed, cleaned, and packaged, having the safety of the children at heart. It is specially processed for children to play with. 

Now that you have known that should choose well-processed sand for your kids, and for your personal use, knowing the benefits of a sandbox will encourage you to go for the perfect sand needed for the sandbox. Over time, we have seen how little children engage with sand at the beach, to bring the experience and the fun home, hence the use of sandbox. The use of a sandbox helps the little children to interact well with their immediate environment. There are many other benefits one can derive from the use of a sandbox.

  • It helps the children in developing interpersonal relationships with the other kids. It helps interaction better and aids communication more.
  • It helps the little children in the development of their intellectual capacity and improves their creative thinking.
  • It helps a lot in the aspect of sensory development; the children can think of a thing and the resources to try it out are right there with them. They can imagine and build.
  • With the presence of other little children, it helps them to interact more, and they learn teamwork as early as their little age.
  • Whether you choose to use the turtle sandbox or the cabbie sand table, or you want to step it up a little to build a sand castle, it engages the whole family and brings the family together. 
Quickrete Play Sand – Know More About It

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