Roku Vs. Chromecast – Best Casting Devices

Sharing your favorite movie, show, sport, or music through streaming with your friends and family strengthens your bond with them. This way, you’ll know and share similar interests. Thus, this article suggests two decent streaming and casting devices that satisfy your needs as a cord cutter. Roku vs Chromecast is one of the most compared casting devices.

Roku Vs. Chromecast

Roku Vs. Chromecast

Streaming deviceBest usageSearch featureBest version/price
Roku Streaming multiple channelsCommon search feature: you can search for an item from one spotRoku express 4k+/$39.99
Chromecast Casting your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to your HD monitor with easeNo common search feature: you have to open each app on your Chromecast to search for an itemChromecast with Google TV/$49.99

What is Roku?

Roku is a hardware device that provides casting services and live streaming from free and paid streaming software. Thus, you can watch your favorite shows on a bigger screen for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy. 

Services and Features Provided by Roku

  • Live TV with an antenna
  • Voice assistance

Live TV with antenna: if you have an antenna at home but you’re contemplating whether to get Roku TV, feel free to do so because you can use it for streaming online, as well as watching your favorite local channels on live TV.

For example, local channels like ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, NFL, and so on, can be watched with your TV antenna. Also, you can record shows you don’t want to miss, to watch at your convenient hour.

Voice assistance: Just like how you ask Siri or Google to help you search for an item, you can do the same with advanced Roku products. Thus, this saves you the hassle of typing each letter of what you want to search for.

How to Set Up Roku TV

  • Plug your Roku device into the HDMI or AV port, for newer or older TV set models. Note that only the older Roku version comes with an AV cable feature.
  • Turn on your device to explore the user interface and choose a language
  • Select country and home use
  • Connect your Roku to your Wifi and allow it to download the latest software
  • Set your display preference
  • Create an account on Roku and activate your device for use

What is Chromecast

Chromecast is a google based casting device suitable for connecting your smartphone, tablet, or computer with your HD monitor. Thus, you can stream your favorite shows and music using this streaming media adapter.

Services and Features Offered by Chromecast

  • Casting service
  • Voice assistance
  • No user interface and remote for Chromecast 3rd generation

Casting service: Chromecast is the easiest streaming device you can use in casting your streaming music, photos, and video from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Following the easy steps given by Google, you can cast on your HD monitor in seconds.

Voice assistance: Just say ‘OK Google’ and search for your desired item with your voice. Note that you have to set it up using Google Home and your smartphone with the Google assistant app stored in it.

No user interface and remote for Chromecast 3rd generation: when you buy Chromecast 3rd generation, there is no user interface, and also, your phone and tablet act as the remote for setting up your Chromecast.

How to Set Up Chromecast

For TV setup

  • Switch on your TV and plug your Chromecast into your HD monitor in the HDMI port
  • Your Bluetooth must be on, and also, your smartphone and Chromecast must be connected to the same Wifi connection
  • Install the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Follow the instructions on your monitor to set it up.

For phone casting

  • Launch your streaming app
  • Select any video of your choice
  • When the video is done buffering, click on the cast icon to display it on your TV

For PC casting

  • Launch Chrome
  • Click on the three dots located top-right of the browser
  • You will see the cast option, thus, click on it to cast to your TV.


Now, if you’re looking for a good casting device from roku vs chromecast then Chromecast is your best option. Also. if you’re looking for a streaming device that allows you to access multiple local and live channels, Roku is your best option.


Q1. Does Roku Work for any TV?

Ans. Yes, Roku works for any TV with an HDMI connection

Q2. What Channels come with Roku?

Ans. Roku offers over 3000 channels including local broadcasts for you to choose from. Netflix was the first streaming channel offered by Roku, after that came Amazon prime videos, NBA league pass, Disney+, Google play store, youtube, ESPN+, HBO max, and so on.

Q3. Which is easier to use, Roku or Chromecast

Ans. Both are easy to use, but Chromecast is easier to understand and use when it comes to casting and sharing content with your HD monitor.

Roku Vs. Chromecast – Best Casting Devices

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