Sites That Pay You- Know More!

Many of us today have no idea but some sites will offer you the opportunity to pay you to do the same thing that you do for free daily. As surprising as it would sound it is very much true, and this article will give you a list of some of these sites. There is no doubt that people all over the planet these days are looking for easy ways to make some extra cash but what they don’t realize is that you don’t need a full-time job online for this to be possible. In This digital age, there are a ton of websites that will give you rewards or cash for things like taking surveys, playing games, watching ads, and much more, but I promise not to leave you hanging, I will give you a list of some of these sites.

Sites That Pay You

Tips for Sites That Pay You

  • Make use of a separate email
  • Soon as you reach the minimum for a withdrawal take your money fast to avoid the website unexpectedly shutting out on you
  • Remember to pay taxes

Sites That Pay You to do Things You do Daily

  • Swagbucks

It is no surprise to see Swagbucks at the top of the list, and this is simply because Swagbucks offer several ways for you to make cash or get rewards while having fun, from playing games to taking surveys and even watching videos.

By doing things that you already do online you can make from $25-$100 in a single month, Swagbucks is a major rewards site where you earn points of “swag bucks” that you can redeem for money or gift cards via PayPal, they also offer cash back shopping that you can redeem for gift cards to Amazon and Walmart.

  • User Testing

This site is loved by a lot of people because it can be a lot of fun, after you finish signing up and completing the test video, you will start receiving email notifications when a new website is available for testing. If you want to apply you will send them your email address and you will need to take a sample test before you are given the paid gigs.

You will be given a couple of tasks to achieve on a website while recording your screen and voicing the entire process and you will get paid for every website that you evaluate which takes about 20 minutes and you will be paid $10-$15 per website.

  • Best Marks

BestMark is regarded by a ton of people as a mystery shopping job, depending on your location you will be paid to shop in different places and give reviews afterward.

  • Perk

There are a ton of ways to earn money with Perk and one of them includes watching TV in your own home it is definitely growing quickly and still adding new ways to earn. They have many apps that you can download and one of them is the Perk TV.

  • Zoombucks

Similar to Swagbucks, with Zoombucks you earn reward points in various ways on the Zoombucks website, it is another website that will pay you for watching videos, playing games, completing offers and so much more.

  • Snapwire

If you are someone that finds joy in taking photos then this one might just be for you, because if you can take amazing photos with your smartphone what if I told you that you can sell them online.

Snapwire helps you to sell pictures to clients from different parts of the world as per their different requests and you have to deliver a proper photo to an appropriate application like sunsets, seafood, and much more.

  • TopCashBack 

This is just another extraordinary site because they offer you a 100% commission whenever you shop through them without taking a cut from your earnings. By allowing businesses to feature on their page as a form of advertising, they can make this possible. And because they are paid by advertisers, they do not need to take a cut from your commissions.

  • FundsforWriters 

If you are a content writer and you want to be paid well for your services then this will be an amazing site for you, on this site you will be paid $60 for every 500-600 word article that you write and is approved. And that is not all whenever the article gets reprints you will earn an extra $15.

If content writing is your thing I will advise you to check out FundsforWriters.


The Internet doesn’t just serve as a means of amusement, many people have had their eyes opened to the vast money-making opportunities that many websites offer, and this list is a goldmine that you need to explore to make money doing the things that you already do daily.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can an individual make money online just by taking surveys?

Yes, believe it or not, there are actual sites where you can earn money and points just for sitting in your home and taking random surveys.

  • Is Swagbucks legit?

Some people can testify to the authenticity of Swagbucks, people have made real money off the site.

  • Can sites that pay you to replace a full-time job?

I will not advise you to completely replace your full-time job as these sites only serve as a side thing just to make some extra cash.

Sites That Pay You- Know More!

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