The Sonos Apple HomeKit- TV, Speaker And More


A good sound system is the foundation of every successful music or entertainment event. Having a beautiful way in your house is a beautiful way of having a good time with your music or TV set. TVs indeed come with their sound systems, but when you have a sound system that is designed specifically for that purpose, its sound quality cannot be compared to your TV’s sound, as it outshines it. The beauty of technology has made the sound system so portable that what used to fit into a travel box-sized bag can now fit into your backpack without wires or externals. How convenient. Sonos Apple HomeKit is the synchronization of the Sonos sound system with Apple’s HomeKit software or devices. It is a scenario where your Apple smartphone app can link with and control Sonos’ audio products wirelessly. Such combability can be a very exciting experience for your ears, especially when you live in a smart home.

Sonos So

Sonos Incorporated is a public limited company that develops and manufactures audio products. They are well known for their multi-room audio products, which allow you to either play one song in different rooms or different music in different rooms at the same time. Its headquarters are located in Santa Barbara, California, the United States.

Sonos Products

Sono’s products include singles.

  • Portable speakers
  • Sets of home speakers
  • Home theaters
  • Speaker accessories like speaker stands and shelves
  • Audio components like an amplifier, network audio streamer, in-ceiling set, in-wall set, outdoor set, and boosters.

Apple HomeKit

HomeKit is an Apple corporation technology platform that offers security solutions for buildings, including security cameras and user interfaces, particularly those that are automated to work with Siri, Apple’s artificial intelligence. It is used to run a smart house or smart products at home. 

Sonos and Apple HomeKit are

Currently, some of Sonos’ sound systems can link and synchronize with the Apple HomeKit software wirelessly and smoothly. Older products will require a HomeKit with a HomeBridge hub to serve as the data junction for transmitted signal and instruction from the HomeKit device to the Sono’s speaker. 

Sonos devices that naturally work with HomeKit

Sonos’ sound engineers have come up with new products that are compatible with HomeKit software wirelessly and smoothly. These sound systems, by default, can synchronize with HomeKit and allow Siri to run its operations. 

These products include Sonos One, Sonos Playbase, Sonos Amp, and Sonos Beam. Sonos has also made an alternative for an old sound system to be able to connect with HomeKit. This is done by connecting a new version of Sonos that is compatible with HomeKit to the old version’s Sonos network. So, just one new one can serve as the bridge to link other old ones to HomeKit. 

Sonos’ devices that don’t work with HomeKit

Not everyone can afford a new Sonos sound system, especially when they already have one that serves them very well. Sonos’ sound engineers have come up with a solution that allows your old Sonos speaker to connect with HomeKit without having to buy a new one. With the use of a HomeBridge to serve as a linkage, you can now automatically control your speaker with HomeKit. 

HomeBridge is software in the Hub that helps to integrate Sono’s sound system or accessories with your HomeKit app. Not only Sonos, but it also helps integrate other devices with the HomeKit app. Sono’s products that use the HomeBridge include Sonos Amp, Sonos Port, Sonos Sub, and Sonos Playbase.

Sonos and HomeKit Connection 

With the use of the HomeBridge, Sono’s sound system or accessories can easily connect with Apple HomeKit. HomeBridge out of the Box, which is also called HOOBS, is considered the best option when choosing a hub for Sonos HomeKit Connection. This is because of the few listed advantages.

  • HOOBS is more or less a plug-and-play device that does not require a tech-savvy or tech engineer to set up for you. You can set it up by yourself.
  • HOOBS are portable in size, lightweight, and no bigger than a router.
  • Within minutes, you are done.

Music is beautiful when you listen to it in high-quality sound. And being able to control it remotely makes it more enjoyable. With the help of current technology, you can now connect your Sonos with Apple HomeKit and control the sound as it cuts across different rooms in your house and controls the music from anywhere at home.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I control Sonos with voice recognition? 

Yes, you can. Sonos is built with voice recognition software that allows you to send commands by speaking via the app that runs its operations.

  • Can Sonos play different songs at the same time?

Yes, it can. This will require you to alter the settings to suit your music listening style.

The Sonos Apple HomeKit- TV, Speaker And More

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