Steps To Sell Used Jeans

There are many ways to make money these days, and selling used jeans that you no longer use and are in good condition is one of them. We examined how and where you can sell jeans, which is one of the alternative ways to refresh your closet, earn cash and support eco-friendly clothing. Following are the steps to sell used jeans :-

Steps To Sell Used Jeans

First step

First, you should review your closet and determine which jeans don’t appeal to you anymore. For this, you can try all of them one by one and separate the parts that you do not feel comfortable in.

Second step

You need to take pictures of each pair of jeans. You can do the photo-taking process by hanging it on a hanger. Instead of a single photo, photos with different distances and angles will be better to give an idea to the potential buyer.

Third Step

Note any deformations on the pants and be honest with your buyers. Tell why the deformations occur and their size. For some buyers, too much deformation means more money.

Fourth Step

After handling the information and photos of the trousers, you should find platforms where you can make the sale. Craigslist can be a good alternative in this regard. Don’t forget to ask people for cash and be sure to meet in a public place.

Fifth Step

The easiest way to sell an outfit is to list the same sizes back to back. In this way, an individual who is a potential buyer for one product will also be a potential buyer for the next product.

Sixth Step

Pricing is one of the most important steps. This may vary depending on the brand and condition of the trousers. Used jeans from brands like Levis or American Eagle are easily worth $10. For other jeans, the average price is between $3 and $7.

Seventh Step

If you have a lot of jeans on hand and they are generally good condition items from good brands, you may want to consider selling them by advertising on eBay. You can earn a lot more cash on eBay than on Craigslist.

Best Brands to Sell Used Jeans

Some brands are higher-end than others. No matter how old they are, they wear less or are more stylish so they don’t go out of style. I should also say that men’s jeans will save you more cash than women’s jeans. I also suggest that you do not take the opinions of the people around you seriously, because there are unlimited people who can make a living selling used jeans online!

1- Diesel: Diesel jeans are generally produced in Italy. You should make sure that the brand is visible in the photos you take. You can easily sell Diesel jeans for between $10 and $210.

2- True Religion: Depending on the style and condition, you can sell your True Religion brand jeans for between $15 and $300. True Religion is a US brand and is referred to as High-End Denim. Also, there are a lot of imitations on sale, so you have to be convincing when selling it that it is original.

3- Hudson: The Hudson brand was founded by Peter Kim, a surfer, and yogi from LA, and features a Union Jack label and a v-button pocket. Hudson brand jeans sell for between $10.50 and $85. If you have jeans with a New Label, you should make sure to take a photo of the label.

4- Paige: Paige is the first and only woman brand in jeans history and was founded by Paige Adams-Geller. These jeans were released in 2005 and come in styles like the Skyline Skinny and Avalon Hidden Hills Bootcut, they are also high-end jeans.

5- BKE: You can easily sell jeans of this brand for between $20 and $250.

6- Levi’s: Levi’s brand jeans are usually sold for $15, but if you have a vintage piece from many years ago, you can easily sell it for more. For example, it is known that 36,000 dollars were given for a pair of trousers in the 1890s.

7- Abercrombie & Fitch: This brand is not that high-end but still very popular. You can sell quality jeans from the brand.

Basically, there are a few things you need to do to sell your jeans online:

Prove they are real. Take pictures of the tags, and make sure they are clear.

Take a close-up photo of any deformation and be sure to add a description.

Keep shipping costs average, don’t overcharge for shipping. Being reasonable in shipping charges will also increase your potential buyers.

Measure the dimensions of the pants with a tape measure. Also, be sure to smooth out any wrinkles before shooting. Crumpled trousers will not be as popular as the others.

Make sure the light is sufficient when photographing. Also, ensure that the background is plain and in light colors, this will both bring out the color of the jeans and give the viewers a calmer experience.

Make sure to use a notepad while making the measurements, and write down everything. Only in this way can you avoid possible confusion.

If you follow these instructions, you can start counting the days to count your winnings, I am sure you will not go beyond 10 days. Selling used clothing is one of the ideal ways to generate cash and recycle,

Steps To Sell Used Jeans

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