Student Discounts – A Great Help

It is not easy being a student when one source that sucks money out of the student’s pockets closes another one opens. While students run after one scholarship and run after another, they also need to juggle how to pay for everything and how to pay less for everything. When they eventually figure out how to pay for everything, they realize that they don’t have any money for socialization and having fun. With all the expenses such as tuition, school supplies and textbooks, school and activity fees, room and board, and transportation, students need to breathe for a while with student discounts. 

Student Discounts - A Great Help

There are several places where students get a discount, both physical and digital. Some of the areas in that students get discounts are Shopping, Subscription Services, and many others. There are also some websites that students can use to learn where they can get discounts and how much of a discount they will be able to get. While some discounts might not be satisfactory enough for the students, some places became students’ favorite places to go due to their understanding of student life.

Places Where Student Can Get Discounts

Although there are specific areas where student can get discounts, the range of discounts is not limited to these places. Nevertheless, some of the popular areas where some well-known places are included are Shopping, Transportation, and Subscription Services.

Shopping Discounts

It is a well-known fact that students need discounts the most in shopping places. Whether they want to buy food, clothing, or school supplies, students need to cross some items from their to-buy list with ease if the place they choose to buy the items from provides a discount for them. 

Clothing Discounts

Some of the clothing shops that offer students the most discount are Aerie, American Eagle, and Boohoo. To get discounts from these clothing stores, students need to create an account on their website and link their UNiDAYS account. After the student links their UNiDAYS account with the store’s account, they will get a 20% discount from Aerie where they can buy underwear and clothing, another 20% discount from American Eagle which most students are familiar with, and up to 50% discount from Boohoo. 

Groceries Discounts For Students

Along with clothing, shopping for groceries is also another thing that a student must worry about with a limited budget. Shopping stores like Kroger and Sprouts offer a discount to students to make their grocery shopping cheaper. Kroger offers a 5% discount for each grocery shopping of the students whereas Sprouts offers up to 15% discount for each shop. 

School Supplies Discounts

When the prices of textbooks and school supplies come to the mind of the student, there might be some hard thinking about what to do. Websites like and Chegg can be helpful to the student’s minds and pockets with their discounts. offers the students a 10% discount on every item as long as they prove that they are a student by creating an account. Chegg offers the students the option to rent the books they need and help them save money.

Subscription Services Discounts

The best subscription service for a student can be Amazon Prime. A student can use Prime Student for 6 months for free and then pay $7.49 a month. With the Prime Student account, the student won’t have to pay for the shipping that will arrive on the same day or for shipping that would take two days to arrive. Students can also use Twitch Prime with their Prime Student account and also watch several TV shows, movies, and documentaries. In addition, it is quite easy to get a Prime Student account, the student needs to sign up with the school’s .edu email address. Although it is hard to say which one is better, there is also another subscription service that could be said to be the best for a student. A student can pay $4.99 a month for Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime. All they need to do is to go to Spotify’s website and sign up with their .edu email address.


Being a student is pretty hard with all the stress from academic life, part-time jobs, and the expectations from families. On top of that, students have to live with worrying about money all the time due to their endless to-do lists and to-buy lists. Some stores, websites, and subscription services help the students with their discounts and relieve their stress. Students can get good discounts by proving that they are indeed students, mostly by entering their school emails while creating their accounts on particular websites.


Is there a website where students can see the latest discounts?

There is a website that is called UNiDAYS where a student can see the current discounts and benefit from them by creating an UNiDAYS account.

Is there a student discount on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t provide discounts for students.

Student Discounts – A Great Help

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