Telus Optik TV No Signal – How To Solve?

Users have started to complain that Their TELUS OPTIK TV signal problem is becoming a real  nuisance. 

No matter what problem it is, in this place, you would find the solution to fix your TELUS signal. 

If your TELUS OPTIK TV says that there is no signal you should first reset your cable box and television.  After that make sure all the cables connected are property placed, then check to make sure that there is  no outage of connection in your area. You should also ensure, that the TV selection is the correct source. 

Telus Optik TV No Signal

Why does my TELUS TV say no signal? 

If this is your situation, there are many causes for this occurrence .these are the most common reasons 

1. bad wiring 

If your cables aren’t properly fixed your signal will be lost 

2. Issues with cable box 

Issues with the software and hardware can cause the loss of TV signal 

3. Bad weather 

Storms and strong wind may affect the connection of your TV and cause the TV to have no signal. 1. Outage/maintenance 

When there is maintenance repair or an outage of service, the TV signal will be unavailable but might  come back a few hours after it has been sorted. 

4. Input 

If the wrong input is chosen, your TV may show the message no signal .these are the most common  problems that may occur to cause your TELUS OPTIK TV to have no signal, and if your problem isn’t  identified in the above issues call the customer service or a professional in the field. 

How to fix TELUS optic TV that has no signal? 

Before you continue in the search for the problem and solution you are urged to restart your TV,  sometimes it just takes a little reboot to get your signal up and running again. But if restarting doesn’t do  the trick you can now follow these steps to repair your signal Connection. 

Fix 1. Set Cable Box On Hard Reset. 

If turning off your TV didn’t do the trick you should try power cycling, an advanced form of resetting your  cable box, this completely discharges the power from the TV box. 

You can follow these steps to take when you want to go ahead and hard reset your cable box: 

1. Press the power button to turn off your cable box 

2. Unplug the adapter for the power and wait for a few minutes 

3. Go to OPTIK TV and test 

Avoid the use of strips and divider for your cable box, because they might have encountered an issue and  are now causing your cable box to misbehave.

Fix 2. Change the input 

Your TV signal might be showing no signal because you have selected the wrong input where there is no  feed available 

These are the steps you can take to change the input of your TELUS OPTIK TV box: 

1. Check where ether cable box is plugged and don’t forget the port 

2. Use your TV remote to navigate and find the source menu 

3. Select the same port source where your cable box is plugged in to 

If the signal comes back, then this has been your problem all along, but if it still shows that there is no  signal you can move on to try other solutions. 

Fix 3: Make Sure Your Wiring Is Okay 

Another reason your TELUS OPTIK TV shows no signal can be because of the wiring, even if there is no  way to know if the wires work or not, you can still make sure it was fixed well 

Use these steps to check and correct the insertion of the wires: 

1. Remove the cable that connects the cable box and the television 

2. Make sure that the port of entry has no damage 

3. Clean off dust from the cable and plug it back in 

4. Change the ports and source of your cable box and television 

5. makes sure to return cables tightly and properly into their respective ports. 

Fix 4: Run TELUS Diagnosis Check 

If nothing seems to work you can always go online and run a test on the system, from the TELUS site All you have to do is log in to your account and follow these steps: 

1. Go to the TELUS site 

2. Open the TELUS self-care link 

3. Click on step-by-step personalized troubleshooting 

4. Click on the login and run the diagnosis, if you are already logged in just run the diagnosis 


To fix a problem with your TELUS OPTIK TV signal, first, reset your cable box and run diagnosis online  .try factory setting your optic modem, troubleshoot the remote, and use the optic restart feature for the  signal outage. 


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Telus Optik TV No Signal – How To Solve?

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