Where To Mount The Dash Cam?- Know More


Due to the use of evidence in accidents caused by reckless or drunken driving, most car owners have resorted to installing dashcams in their vehicles. Dash cams are important technological devices that can show if a driver was innocent or guilty of anything during an accident. Dash cam footage has also been instrumental in tracking down criminals who might have accosted a driver while in their vehicle. Dash cams have also been effective in gathering evidence for incidences such as speeding by other drivers, police shootings, and wrongful arrests. It is important to mount your dash cam properly in your vehicle.

Where To Mount The Dash Cam- Know More

It is inherent on the owner of a vehicle to ensure the dash cam is well-mounted so that it doesn’t obstruct your view of the road in front of you. This can help prevent crashes. Placing a dash cam in the wrong position can attract fines in some states because the position of the dash cam might impair the vision of the driver and makes it harder to focus on the road. Despite the importance of dash cams, some users don’t want to go through the prices of installing one, thinking the process is too complicated. Dash cams are mainly installed on the windscreen but different dash cams require different considerations.

Places a dash cam can be mounted

  1. Windshield: Windshields are the most popular places to place dashcams. However, you need to take note of any obstructions such as the tint of the sunshade or tint that might block the camera’s view. You want the dash cam to have a wide frame and not a long view. This ensures you can see the whole road at once. You should put the cam behind the rearview mirror so that it does not obstruct your view.
  2.  Dashboard: If you decide to mount a dash cam on your dashboard, make sure you can see the road clearly after installation. Dashboard cams ensure that you can see the windshield view. If you can see the rear tires of your vehicle at your front, then the dash cam has been well mounted. 
  3. Rearview mirror: Dash cams can also be installed on the rearview mirror. This installation does not need too much manoeuvre as you can easily clip the cam to the rearview mirror. Mounting a dash cam this way has its advantage. Firstly, both the mirror and the can are integrated so it seems like one device, therefore not blocking your view. Secondly, this method does not need aggression to attach the cam to anything. Thirdly, this style blends in with the rest of the car and does not stick out like a sore thumb, making the vehicle a target for criminals.
  4. Dual camera types: You could also purchase a dash cam with dual cameras. This helps you get two views at once. One may be placed at the front of the car while the other is placed so that it faces the rear of the car. However, it can be difficult to wire a dash cam from the rear of the vehicle. Dash cams with dual lenses also exist. These cameras can be mounted so that one has a view of the front of the vehicle while the other views within the vehicle or the rear of the vehicle. This type of camera can be useful to drivers working for ridesharing companies as they can record activity within the vehicle. The camera that has a rear view of the vehicle can be used to record the license plates of other cars which can be relevant information when investigating a car crash or other accidents.


It doesn’t matter how stable the adhesive used to hold a dash cam in place is or how hard it is to discern a dash cam from other parts of a car, if an installed dash cam does not serve its main purposes without attracting lurking eyes, then the installation cannot be done termed successful. Each of the options that have been provided above is not so complicated and can be done within a short time. You could also try out different types of dash cams and positioning systems to find the one that suits you best. Nonetheless, installing a dash cam in your vehicle is always a consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are black dots and can I mount a dash cam on black dots? 

Black dots help ensure the sun does not get through the space that is between the two visors. A dash cam can be mounted on this place as it does not interfere with any electrical signals. 

  1. Is it advisable to detach my dash cam when I park? 

The choice is totally up to you. Some dash cams have a parking mode that becomes active when the dash cam is left in the vehicle.

  1. What tools can I use to remove a dash cam? 

It can be tricky to remove a dash cam due to the strength of the adhesive. A heat gun, blowdryer, or prying tool can make the process easier.

  1. What are some things to consider when mounting a dash cam? 

The mount type, the dash cam’s position, how conspicuous it is, and how easy it is to detach. 

Where To Mount The Dash Cam?- Know More

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