3 Best HomeKit Sprinklers Controlling Systems Worth Using in 2022

Technology that saves water is worth using in this era of crisis. Brands like Rachio, Eve Aqua, and Yardian produce top-notch wifi Homekit-enabled sprinkler controllers. Let’s Find 3 Best HomeKit Sprinklers Controlling Systems Worth Using in 2022.

3 Best HomeKit Sprinklers Controlling Systems Worth Using in 2022

We have assessed several products and have come up with three devices with Homekit compatibility that we think are the best on the market. In our opinion, Rocha 3 can comfortably take the number one spot on the list. But that doesn’t mean the other devices aren’t worth using. 

We’ve discussed these products’ strengths and weaknesses to boost your purchase-making decision. Let’s move ahead. 

List of Best HomeKit Sprinklers Controlling Systems

Here is a list of 3 Homekit-enabled advanced sprinkler controllers you can buy in 2022. 

  • Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller.
  • Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller  
  • Aeon Machine Yardian Smart Sprinkler Controller 

Rachio 3: Smart Sprinkler Controller 

Rachio has been producing advanced sprinkler controllers since 2015. Its 3rd generation model, Rachio 3, is a standout product that comes with Homekit and other smart home platform compatibility. 

The installation process is a cakewalk, and its automated weather intelligence technology feature makes it more lucrative to the customers. You can control your sprinkler system directly from your smartphone by connecting the device to your wifi.

And, of course, the eight and sixteen set-up zone variants offer an extended grouping of sprinkler heads based on the landscape. 

Rachio 3 comes in an elegant design with a white enclosure, a round button, and an LED light bar. The size of the device isn’t vastly different from the previous second-generation version. 

The mobile app is available for iOS and Android, but sadly, it no longer offers the year-to-date water usage report. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Premium weather intelligence technology
  • Extended zone control
  • Compatible with all smart home platforms
  • Elegant design 


  • The price is a bit high
  • The mobile app does not offer YTD water usage reports. 

Eve Aqua: Smart Water Controller 

Eve Aqua produces smart water controllers that support smart home standard thread technology, bringing an advanced network system between your in-house accessories. It’s probably the only product offering direct connectivity with the hose spigot.

The autonomous irrigation schedule provides hassle-free watering for your lawn or garden. It offers a multi-channeling water distribution system that allows you to water individually, automatically, and based on your needs. All the schedule data is directly stored on Eve Aqua and can be accessed at any time. 

The installation process is pretty straightforward and requires no wiring so that you can run the device immediately. The device can be controlled via Siri, the mobile app, and the onboard button.  

Eve Aqua offers a simple, minimalistic design with a black and silver body. However, unlike Rachio’s 3rd generation version, eve aqua doesn’t offer an advanced weather intelligence system. 


  • Easy to install
  • Offers Homekit Thread technology.
  • Direct connectivity with the hose spigot 
  • Simplistic and attractive design.
  • Scheduling data can be run anytime.
  • Reasonably priced 


  • Doesn’t have an advanced weather intelligence control.

Aeon Matrix Yardian: Pro Smart Controller 

Yardian’s pro smart sprinkler controller is compatible with Apple Homekit, IFTT, Alexa, and all the major virtual assistants. This device is available in 8 and 12-zone variants and has an instant on-device button that allows you to control the device without the smartphone. 

One of the coolest features of Yardian’s pro smart controller is that it has a rain sensor. That means the device will stop watering when it’s raining. 

The higher signal strength and the direct ethernet or 4G connectivity make this device easier to set up. 

The body of the device contains two onboard control buttons and a connectivity status bar. 


  • Easy to Set up
  • Has an on-device instant control button.
  • Has rain and flow sensors.
  • Offers a higher signal strength. 


  • The app is not convenient and quite confusing.

Are smart sprinkler controllers worth it?

Any sprinkler controller that offers a pre-programmed schedule, app controls, and weather awareness saves water. As a result, you spend less on the bills and can have hassle-free irrigation at home. 

Features like voice commands that are compatible with virtual assistance bring more controls to your hands so that you don’t have to go and set up or change the modes manually. This saves time and eases your home’s watering process. 

Overall, the investment in a smart sprinkler controller speaks through its benefits. It’s worth it. 

A few final words

This list of products above is made based on advanced features, customer feedback, and designs. Each of the products has a unique feature like the Rachio 3 has a smart weather intelligence system, the Eve Aqua supports the Homekit Thread technology, and the Yardian has a rain sensor. For your convenience, we’ve arranged a list of the 3 best Homekit sprinklers controlling systems that’ll make the home’s irrigation breezy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does B-hyve work with Siri?

Customers of Bhyve have the option to use Siri to voice-command their devices. The Bhyve smart watering system is compatible with well-known Apple gadgets like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. 

  • Does Rachio 3 require a subscription?

Rachio 3, the 3rd generation water controller device, doesn’t require any monthly or annual subscription. Even the smartphone app is free to install. 

  • Is Eve Aqua smart waterproof?

The smart water controller from Eve Aqua is waterproof and ultraviolet ray resistant. 

3 Best HomeKit Sprinklers Controlling Systems Worth Using in 2022

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