A Guide On How Much Toilet Paper To Use

Toilet paper is a very versatile sanitary tool. This is because it is essential to maintain cleanliness in households, workplaces, and surroundings. So, you will always need toilet paper for many occasions. Know more about A Guide On How Much Toilet Paper To Use

A Guide On How Much Toilet Paper To Use

Toilet paper usage varies per individual or household. On average, an individual use 10-15sheets per toilet visit. But, there are many other uses of toilet paper asides from bowel movements.

Since toilet paper usage varies on the individual, what it’s used for, and the type of paper, there should be a concise guide to know how many sheets are needed. Using this guide may help to improve the budget costs of your home or office. Also, it will help you play your part in reducing the negative environmental impact of toilet paper.

How Much Toilet Paper To Use Guide 

  1. For a Man: Toilet paper is a common means of cleaning up after a toilet visit. Here are some important facts to remember as a man that uses toilet paper: 
  • An average man should use 8-10 sheets per visit. Young men may not have as many toilet visits as older men. But, this does not affect the estimate. 
  • An average toilet roll(single-rolled) has about 150 sheets or about 170 to 350 rolls for double-rolled toilet paper. 
  • But, double-rolled toilet paper tends to be thinner, hence most people use the double sheets. 
  • This means that an average man can finish a roll of toilet paper in 15-17 toilet visits.
  1. For a Woman: Women use a variety of sanitary tools like pads, wipes, and toilet paper wires. Here are some facts to consider: 
  • An average woman should use 6-9 toilet sheets per visit. Younger women may have more toilet visits than older women due to some reasons. 
  • Women may have more frequent toilet visits/needs than men and may burn through more toilet sheets.
  • This means an average woman may finish a toilet roll in about 15 toilet visits.
  1. For Children: Children who are not old enough to supervise themselves, shouldn’t wipe themselves after a toilet visit; to avoid waste. Parents or guardians have to train children(when they are old enough) to use the right amount of toilet paper. 
  • Children should use not more than 2-4 sheets per toilet visit(with or without supervision). 
  • Asides from other uses, a single roll can last a child for more than 40 toilet visits(depending on the mess). 
  1. For a Household: These estimates are extremely relative. Some households are larger than others, and you just don’t know if your visitor would need to use the bathroom. 
  • A household of five can consume a toilet roll in about 1-2 days
  • It can also depend on factors like the influx of guests, the number of children, and how often a roll is used for different reasons. 

Other Uses of Toilet Paper

  1. Cleaning surfaces: Toilet paper is commonly used in wiping toilet door handles, flush handles, and toilet seats. It is a soft, absorbent material that can be easily used with antiseptic(disinfectant)to clean many household surfaces, including mirrors. 1-3 sheets are suitable for cleaning surfaces smoothly.
  1. A disposable wipe: When you don’t have a handkerchief or face wipes, toilet paper is a suitable option. A single sheet is suitable as using more sheets will be wasteful and may be tough on your face. It is easy to dispose of the sheet after use. 
  1. Nose cover/cleaner: A toilet paper is handy for covering your nose in public when sneezing. It is also easier to dispose of compared to a handkerchief. A toilet paper can also help in properly wiping your nose(mucus) if it is runny.
  1. Disposable toilet seat covers: When using a public toilet, it is important to cover the seats to avoid infections. Although using toilet sheets to cover seats may seem extravagant, it is a safer bet. 
  1. Drying hands: Toilet sheets are also useful for drying your hands after washing them. Do not be tempted to dry your hands on your clothes, as germs on your clothes can spread to your hands. Instead, use some sheets to dry your hands without letting them break away in your hands.


Toilet paper is a multi-purpose sanitary tool. Although usage varies per individual, everyone needs it one way or another. Remembering the guidelines above will be very useful to you, your finances, your surrounding, and even the planet.


Can excess block my toilet?

 Yes, it can. Toilet paper is softer than other materials like paper and wipes, which are more likely to clog your toilet. However, using toilet paper made of thicker material is equally likely to clog your toilet.

Is it better to use thick toilet paper or soft paper?

It is best to go for skin-friendly toilet paper. Softer toilet paper is likely to be more gentle on the skin as compared to thicker, harder paper. Scented toilet paper is also likely to cause some reactions on your skin.

A Guide On How Much Toilet Paper To Use

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