All About Barbie Dream Camper Toys

Launched in March 1959, barbie made a revolutionary entry into the American toy market. Famous doll designer Ruth Handler created barbie a fashion doll. Barbie is 11inches tall with a plastic body, and adult-like features and is built for girls to develop their imagination. Ruth wanted to inspire children of all ages to take up some role and be no matter what they longed to be. With time, barbie evolved to fit into different cultures and time frames. As a result, barbie not only changed in features and professions but other styles of clothing, jewelry, barbie dream houses, and barbie dream campers launched into this toy product line. Let’s know all about barbie dream camper toys.

Barbie dream camper is every camper’s dream toy making it a perfect gift for ages 3 years and up. This RV automobile is approx. 2.5 ft tall and features 7 play areas, a swimming pool, a fun slide, and more than 60 camping accessories to enrich your imagination and have a pleasurable camping trip.

All About Barbie Dream Camper Toys

The dream camper retails up to $89.99 and has amazing features.

  • On opening the barbie dream camper, you can see the kitchen space, dining area, bedroom, restroom, swimming pool, slides, and fire pit.
  • The dolls can enter the swimming pool by climbing up the ladder and creating big splashes.
  • Decorate your camper with bumper stickers, furniture, kitchen utensils, blankets, 2 dogs, and much more.

Barbie dream camper comes in different models and sizes for children to experience other camping fun. These are.

  1. Barbie 3 in 1 dream camper playset
  2. Barbie Chelsea camper playset

Barbie 3 in 1 dream camper playset

This 3 in 1, moving vehicle is approx. 3ft tall and features a swimming pool. Its amazing feature is that it transforms into a camper, a truck, and a boat depending on one’s imagination. Barbie dream camper is available on amazon and targets at an affordable price. Some features include:

  • With one push of the button, the camper’s top and sides pop open, and the camper can expand up to 2 feet long.
  • The open side of the camper transforms into a swimming pool with a slide and stairs ready for barbie to make big splashes.
  • The interior of the camper can convert into a sleeping or dining space. The seats can pull up, creating perfect chairs for barbie to sit and enjoy her meal.
  • It has more than two beds, meaning barbie can have a friend accompany her on the camper.
  • At the back of the camper, is a fully designed bathroom with a sink, wash area, and a closet for barbie to store her clothes.
  • A well-designed kitchen with a sink and refrigerator is on the other back side.

Barbie Club Chelsea camper playset

The barbie club Chelsea camper playset comes with a camper, a small Chelsea doll, a puppy, a small car, a firepit, a guitar, and many more accessories. This playset is a perfect gift for ages 3 to 7 years old.

  • The Chelsea camper van holds two bunk beds, perfect for a small camping trip.
  • A fire pit to enjoy a bonfire with the puppy and some music.
  • Attach the small car to the camper and get rolling to go on to the perfect camping trip.

The Barbie dream camper is a perfect gift for creative play and taking your barbie on an exciting and adventurous camping trip. This RV on wheels has every feature, from swimming pools to kitchen to sleeping areas. With time, the barbie dream campers are available in different models and sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What accessories come with the barbie dream camper?

The Barbie dream camper comes with a huge slide, camping chairs, camping tables, sleeping bags, blankets, small drinks, and pet dogs. All these accessories are made from highly durable plastic and meet the barbie brand standards.

  1. How big is the barbie dream camper?

The Barbie dream camper is 8.86 x 23.43 x 12.8 inches long. It easily holds a kitchen with a sink and a fridge, a sleeping area with beds, a bathroom, and a dining area with tables and chairs.

  1. When was the barbie dream camper invented?

Barbie dream camper was introduced in 1970 by the designer Mattel and is one of the highest-selling barbie accessories.

  1. Do you need batteries for the barbie dream camper?

The Barbie dream camper does not require any batteries. Use your imagination for a fun-filled camping adventure.

  1. Is the camper suitable for little children?

The Barbie dream camper comes with very small accessories and items that little children can choke on. Therefore, it is not advisable to be given to children under the age of 3 years old.

  1. Are dolls included in the barbie dream camper?

Barbie dream camper does not come with dolls. Dolls are sold separately.

All About Barbie Dream Camper Toys

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