Best Airplay Alternatives For Roku

Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac can broadcast, control, and share entertainment to a compatible Roku streaming player using AirPlay. You may view pictures from your vacation or watch movies, TV episodes, and family videos. You have undoubtedly heard about AirPlay if you use an iOS device. Know more about Airplay Alternatives Roku

Best Airplay Alternatives For Roku

Apple’s AirPlay technology allows you to mirror the display of your iOS smartphone onto a larger screen using Apple TV. Although Roku does not feature AirPlay, some alternative applications and channels can provide some of the same capabilities. Although there is not a perfect all-in-one solution, you can stream films, images, music, and more from your iOS smartphone to your TV using several different applications and your Roku player.

Although less complicated than alternatives on iOS, screen mirroring is also accessible on Android devices.

The Best Alternatives to Airplay on Android Devices

There are a few applications available on the Google Play store that allow the Roku screen to mirror an Android device’s screen directly to the TV. The several choices are shown below.

TV Cast for Roku

By opening your browser and using a single tap on your Android, you can watch your video material. However, you can only broadcast the video portion of your data with this program.

Screen Mirroring for Roku smart viewer

With the help of this application, you can cast or screen mirror your Android phone without experiencing any delay or buffering issues, preserving your data, files, and apps.

LetsView- Wireless Screencast

This program offers casting a phone screen to your computer or tablet, as well as audio, recording, and mirroring. It offers wireless mirroring on TVs, projectors, and other smart devices. With the help of this software, streaming from a phone to a Roku TV is feasible even when they are not both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Google Home

You can stream content from many connected devices, including cameras, lighting, thermostats, and more, using Google Home. You may perform the majority of the things you enjoy doing plus streaming content from your phone to Roku. It has a few capabilities, including the ability to turn on lights, check the weather, play news, stream audio, and video material, change the output audio device, modify the video level, and skip to the next audio track.

Although there are many items on the list, each one has unique qualities that set them apart. To use all of Roku’s capabilities, turn on the screen mirroring function and follow the detailed instructions on the company’s website.

The Best Alternatives to Airplay on iOS Devices


AllCast is a decent alternative to AirPlay because it focuses on letting you project media content like your films, music, and images.


You may use the R-Cast iOS app and R-Cast Roku channel together to cast certain materials onto your Roku device after downloading them both. This software has restrictions but can cast brief streaming videos.

Video and TV cast for Roku

With this software, airplay is relatively easy. As a browser, it functions. Simply find the desired website, touch the cast button, and begin casting.

How to use Roku’s Airplay feature

Locate the podcast, movie, music, or image you want to share on your Apple device.

In video apps, tap or click the AirPlay video symbol (which looks like a screen with a triangle underneath), and in music and other audio apps, click or tap the AirPlay audio icon (which looks like three circles with a triangle beneath).

From the AirPlay menu, pick your Roku device.

You may watch all of your favourite movies or holiday photos on a huge screen when your Roku device has been located and your screen has been shared with your TV.


With so many airplay options available in both the Apple and Android app stores, watching content from your Apple or Android mobile has never been simpler. You may stream anything directly from your smartphone to your Roku player, including movies, games, and photos of you and your loved ones. And this is usually wireless!

Frequently Asked Questions

Roku TV casting is possible.

The projection of content from smartphones and desktops to Roku smart TVs is possible.

Is it possible to screen mirror films, music, and photographs on Roku?

All media on the Android or Apple smartphone, including pictures, music, and movies, will be reflected on the Roku device while screen mirroring.

Can I change the Roku settings for screen mirroring?

In the Roku device’s Settings menu, screen mirroring options may be changed. The screen mirroring submenu in the System menu offers settings for device connection notifications and installing or uninstalling devices.

Can an Apple gadget screen reflect my TV?

Screen mirroring is not possible on Apple devices. Only Windows desktops and Android mobile devices now support it. The AirPlay feature on Apple devices, however, allows you to share media on your TV.

Best Airplay Alternatives For Roku

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