Brookhaven Country Club Cost- Know More!

A private club for wealthy professionals and golf lovers is the Brookhaven Country Club. Whenever you need a break from city life, its central Dallas, Texas location makes it the perfect destination. Along with exercise courses, they offer tennis, golfing, and swimming. Additionally, they host tournaments and club activities in addition to providing family programming, networking opportunities, and eating services. Let’s know how much does the Brookhaven Country Club Cost.

Brookhaven Country Club Cost

Dallas’ top attractions can be accessed by Brookhaven Members. The club’s amenities speak for themselves, but what makes Brookhaven the hub of the neighborhood are the friendships that are created and nurtured there. You must be invited and approved by an existing member to join this club.

How Much Does Membership at the Brookhaven Country Club Cost?

The entrance cost of Brookhaven Country Club is close to $4,500, and the monthly dues are almost $500, according to Avid Golfer Magazine. However, according to GolfersBag, the Brookhaven Country Club’s entrance cost is $2,700, and the monthly dues are roughly $350. The Brookhaven Country Club is one of the top five country clubs with an initiation cost under $5,500, according to the club’s official website.

Options for Admission

A golf membership provides complete access to the club’s facilities like golf, tennis, gym, swimming pools, catering, etc.
Young Executive memberships are available to those between the ages of 18 and 39, and they come with fewer benefits but the same benefits as golf memberships. A member who has a tennis membership has access to all racquet sports like tennis, racquetball, gyms, swimming pools, food outlets, a licensed preschool, and club social facilities.

The Lifestyle Membership gives access to the club’s most important facilities, including athletics, racquetball, swimming pools, eating, a certified preschool, and social activities.

An Overview of Brookhaven Country Club

The Master’s, the Championship, and the President’s Course are three of the club’s golf courses. The practice areas come with a putting green and a driving area. In 24 hours, the golf pro store may have your clubs correctly fitted thanks to its clubs’
tailoring services. There are leagues for elders, unisex, women, and men. Additionally, there are
special member competitions with unique freebies and prizes. The Brookhaven Golf Academy provides putting clinics, personalized instruction, and technology-assisted swing improvement. The Brookhaven Country Club has three pools, all of which are reported to have a tropical atmosphere. The Brookhaven Country Club provides kids with a splash park in addition to swimming pools. Every time the pools are open, genuine lifeguards are on watch. Additionally, there are clinics for people of all ages, private teachers, and swim leagues. The Aquatic Center features a separate food bar too. Members get access to the club’s sports and fitness facilities. Modern cardio equipment, weights, and other workout equipment are available at this gym.

More Benefits You Should Know About

Members are entitled to benefits offered by affiliated clubs in other regions of the US. Members of an affiliated country club may benefit from benefits including membership entry as well as usage of the club and dining areas. The club has nine areas for events. The Fireside Lounge, which can hold 14 people, the Ballroom, which can hold 180 people, and the full clubhouse, which
can hold 1,200 people, are all available as event locations. Air-conditioned rooms, a complete lounge, a fully functional restaurant, disability accessibility, and high-speed wireless connectivity are just a few of the amenities offered.

What Additional Fees Are There?

For the Championship Courses, the listed green fees are $64 for the weekend and $49 for the weekday. Each price includes a cart.


Because of the great amenities offered in comparison to the relatively modest cost, the Brookhaven Country Club has been hailed as having a great overall value. The entrance cost is on average $3500 and the monthly dues cost averagely $400. Members may bring visitors at any time, but the visitor must always be escorted by the host.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. Are country clubs just accessible to the wealthy?
    Some things are beyond the reach of money. The most coveted luxury for the wealthy and famous is membership in one of the world’s most elite golf and country clubs, yet it is almost impossible for the wealthy to get in.
  2. 2. Why does a membership at country clubs cost so much?
    You must pay the cost of membership in a country club because it is a private organization. The dues allow the club to provide activities and services to its members while also covering the costs of facility upkeep,
    personnel, and renovations.
  3. 3. How can you obtain a country club invitation?
    Before you can apply to many clubs, you usually need a recommendation from an existing member.
  4. 4. What is the typical age of a golf club participant?
    Each organization has an average of 148 seniors and 109 members between the ages of 55 and 64. Comparatively, there are just 16 members in the 20–25 and 13 in the 26–29 age groups.
Brookhaven Country Club Cost- Know More!

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