Cafe Rio Mexican Grill – Major Attractions

The Cafe Rio, or as it is known to be Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, is a mostly American casual restaurant chain located in Salt City Lake, with branches branching all over. In other states like Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Montana, Maryland , Montana, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming and Washington. This corporation has specialized in Mexican Cuisini as it is known for. The menu includes appetizers, salad, burritos with desserts enchiladas plus tacos additionally quesadillas with soups and beverages alike. This corporation has also provided catering services for so many years. In October in the year of 2017, the chains were in 120 locations. In April the year 2022, it has grown up to 146 locations worldwide.

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill - Major Attractions

History Of Cafe Rio Mexican Grill :

The Cafe Rio Mexican Grill was started back in 1997 by Steve and Tricia Stanley located in St. George, Utah  In December of the year 2004, Bob and Kathleen Nilsen with the association of Spencer K Hill and along with SKM/Apax Partners managed to purchase the chain of hotels which at that time had almost six restaurants locally. In the year of 2011, Dave Gagnon became the CEO and COO at the exact time when Bob Baker got appointed as the President and CFO accordingly. However, 

In the year 2018, Steve Vaughan became the newly appointed CEO when Dave Gagnon got retired from his position. Before this, Mr. Vaughan was also Chief Finance Officer. As of December of the year 2020, The Cafe Rio operates in more than 135 locations around 11 states as we know. Cafe Rio’s recipes and ingredients are inspired by traditional cookery of the Rio Grande region’s descent in Northern Mexico locally, Southern Texas, and New Mexico respectively. The food is cooked in each of the restaurant’s kitchens freshly every day. The flagship dish is a sweet pork barbacoa burrito made enchilada style as it is. There have been plans on opening many new locations in the year 2021 thus converting some existing locations to include drive-troughs as well.

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill Story:

In the year 1997, the place known as a little town in southern Utah called St. George was where it was incepted. A cute couple with names like Steve and Patricia Stanley got a restaurant running called Cafe Rio Mexican Grill locally. The Cafe Rio served true dishes inspired by recipes and the traditional cooking style of Northern Mexico’s Rio Grande region as we now know it, in Southern Texas, and New Mexico alike. The core to every bite was the meant with the belief that every ingredient must fully be fresh and made fresh to order as there was no other way. And people loved every second of it. They could not get enough of these menus. To the extent that one restaurant became six in a matter of days. In about the year 2004, these six little restaurants caught the attention fine man named Bob Nilsen. He bought the Cafe Rio from the Stanleys in hopes of spreading the love for making this fresh Mexican food everywhere in and around Utah and even beyond that.

This man-made sure to keep the slogan of “fresh food, made fresh” at the very foundation of the newly established brand. No freezers were to be used. No microwaves shall be used for heating. Nothing pre-made to be exact. Mr. Nilsen had then moved on and a new member of quality-obsessed managers who had taken the wheel to further success. In the current day, their staff still begins each day bright and early with hand squeezing lime in addition to hand-scooping avocados and chopping fresh vegetables leading to simmering of sauces and finally preparing the cook-inspired recipes/ingredients their fans have come to adore in time.

Some classics:

Most Of The specials Original sweet pork barbacoa are the best:

The recipe is so sweet that it should have been made with lots of love and care. This Steve Stanley’s prime recipe of Cafe Rio’s Sweet Pork Barbacoa is another delicious fan-loved favorite. It is so popular item that many others try to imitate it but who can recreate the magic.

The Sweet Pork Barbacoa Salad is another:

Give a try this life-changing bowl of delicacy. This is a fresh, hot-off-the-comal-based tortilla, black and pinto beans mixed with cilantro lime rice combined with sweet pork barbacoa and they are all mixed in a bowl of fresh chopped romaine to go, pico de gallo, and guacamole with topping that their creamy tomatillo dressing or cilantro lime vinaigrette makes it work good.

Burrito Enchilada Style

This is a fresh homemade tortilla that is packed full of black and pinto beans combined with cilantro lime rice and of course your choice of protein. After that, they eat this with cheese and one of their primal sauces goes and gets baked into perfection. 

Most Popular Items at Cafe Rio Over the last few weeks, the most popular among the items on the Cafe Rio menu is the Sweet Pork Barbacoa for Burrito which is followed by the Chicken Tostada in combination with Fire Grilled Chicken for Salad and more. Few are ranked below:


  1. the sweet pork barbacoa for burrito is a specialty.
  2. The Chicken Tostada miracle.
  3. The Fire Grilled Chicken for Salad is so good.
  4. The Shredded Chicken for Salad for the winners.
  5. Maria’s Enchiladas dish
  6. The Chicken Tortilla Soup is crazy.
  7. The Creamy Tomatillo Dressing for Salad is also popular.
  8. The Sweet Pork Barbacoa for Salad.
  9. The Horchata.
  10. The Cilantro Lime Dressing for Salad is killer.
Cafe Rio Mexican Grill – Major Attractions

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