DirecTV Connection Not Found- How Can You Fix It?

The demand for DirecTV is increasing day by day, it is slowly and steadily replacing cable TVs as it has more features and flexibility than the latter. Video On Demand, Recording, and Playback are a few of the modern facilities that DirecTv provides. All these services are so cool but you might have faced or will face the problem which says “Network Connection Not Found”, well if you don’t have any immediate answer to this issue, you have landed on the right page. Let us know more detail about ‘DirecTV Connection Not Found’.

DirecTV Connection Not Found

DirecTV Connection Not Found

Here, we will discuss the major problems that can solve this issue and will fix this issue. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind the DirecTV connection not finding an error.

Why does the problem “Network Connection Not Found” arise?

Before looking at the solutions, let’s first look at the causes of the problem. As rightly said prevention is better than cure. In case, if any of these problems are in your cable you can solve them on your own to avoid difficulties.

Incorrect input source

Are you receiving the following error on the secondary receiver, the reason can be that your genie mini receiver is not placed on the correct input source.

The input settings changes on their own, every so often. So, it’s worth the effort to check this once.

Broken/ Damaged cables

One more reason that might be causing this problem can be the cable on the receiver. On the back of the receiver, check for any damage to the coaxial and power cable. If you have got this sorted, we can move further.

Satellite reception issue

In case, your receiver is unable to download the guide information for more than three hours from the satellite, it will end up showing a network connection error.

You need to run the speed test, to check why this problem is arising. 

Receiver troubles

And finally, the receivers break down after heating up because of continuous usage. You can get rid of this problem by power cycling or resetting your receiver.

So now we have covered all the major causes, let’s move on to the solutions to fix this network error.

Fine-tuning DirecTV Network Connection Not Found Issue 

STEP ONE- Checking TV Input/ Source

There are situations where the input/ source is becoming the root of the problem.

So it’s wise enough to check the input source.

Press the “Input” or “Source” button on your TV’s remote control to access and switch through the different available inputs.

Browse through the different modes to check the connectivity of Directv and hence select the correct option.

STEP TWO- Is the cable intact and providing a secure connection? 

Now that you have cross-checked the input source, make sure there is green light emitted by the receiver, if not, the color has to be yellowish-green, which ensures the connection is available. If the color is orange, or red, it means the connection is not available. This is because of the cables that are bringing this issue.

In such case, try checking on any fault in the cables, has it become damaged or broken or any other sign which prevents it from becoming usable. If everything looks fine, try disconnecting and then reconnecting the cables.

Now, make sure that the DVR is fittingly connected by checking that every one of the lights on the front panel is lit up. 

STEP THREE- Power cycling the TV and receiver

After going through the above issues, if nothing is working. You can power cycle both the TV and receiver. Many customers concluded that after restarting/ power cycling the system, they were able to fix the error. 

We all know that power cycling is the most successful troubleshooting technique ever.

First, turn on the receiver and close any continuing video/ media streaming. Now, disconnect the receiver’s cord from the plug socket. You need to wait for about 20 seconds and connect the cord back to the socket.

What to do if the troubleshooting technique doesn’t work?

You might need to reset the main receiver if the troubleshooting method doesn’t provide you with proper results. 

To reset your main receiver, you need to find the reset button (a small red button), which is located at the side or back of the device. Press the red button and check on the system for reboot. Then, restart the device. Repeat the process to see if the error is remaining there.

Client Service

If not a single method mentioned above works, it means there is not any software issue that is bringing this network problem, in which case you need to move to the final solution, which is to contact “DirecTV Support and Customer Service”. For customer support, click here:  


 To check if your receiver is malfunctioning, broken, defective or any other problem with the wiring of the system, simply perform a wire test on your own. It will further solve your problem.

  • Are DirecTV and DirecTV NOW the same?

They are the same when it comes to providing entertainment, but the methods are different, DirecTV comes with a two-year contract for a satellite TV and DirecTV doesn’t need any contract as it is an online streaming platform.

  • How can I view my DirecTV monthly bill and how can I pay it?

You can view your DirecTV monthly Bill by opening the DirecTV website and creating an account. You can pay your bills through the AutoPay option.

  • How can I install the DirecTV mobile app?

You can download DirecTV from Google Play(Android users), and iTunes (iOS users).

DirecTV Connection Not Found- How Can You Fix It?

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