Does Walmart Cash Check on a Sunday?

What is Check Cashing?

Check Cashing services give people the privilege of cashing their checks with ease. Fees are always charged for services like these, and sometimes, it could cost $1 to cash a check, other times it could cost $100 to cash a check. This service aims at those unbanked and underbanked; meaning, those who don’t get accurate services from their banks, and those who do not have bank accounts but can be used by anyone who needs cash quickly. Here we will check that does Walmart cash checks on Sundays.

Does Walmart Cash Checks on Sundays?

How Does Check Cashing Work?

The system is not complicated; you just carry your check and a valid ID card along with you to a check-cashing center, after that, you sign the back of your check, and get your check turned into cash right away.

The main difference between banks and cash checking services is the ability and luxury of trying to get cash fast and easily. Some banks would hold on to checks that have been applied for money, which means that once a deposit is made by check on Tuesday, you will get your cash on Friday. If the urgency of money is implicated, the check-cashing services will just turn that check into cash fast and you can leave with it.

Who Needs the Check Cashing Services?

1.   People that don’t have banks in their areas: these rural areas may or may not have access to banks, and online banks are very much available, but they may not have access to a computer or internet.

2.   People who need cash fast: The Federal Reserve has reported that 13% of the country has a bank account that still uses check cashing services. People love the idea of having the convenience of check-cashing services and their ability to get cash right away. Some people might not be patient enough to wait for a few days to get the cash they checked at banks.

3.   Unbanked and Underbanked people: Some people do not like using banks, even when they have bank accounts, it just seems like bank services aren’t doing enough for them. Some people have a history of getting overdrafts or paying their fees and banks won’t provide them an account, which makes a check cashing service a necessity for them and not a luxury.

Walmart does cash checks on Sundays from 8 am to 8 pm. Time may vary and that depends on the location of the Walmart supermarket.

Types of Checks Walmart Cashes 

1.   Government checks

2.   Tax checks

3.   Two-party checks

4.   MoneyGram money orders

5.   Pre-printed checks

6.   Insurance settlement checks

7.   Cashier’s checks

8.   Payroll checks

9.   401(k) retirement distribution checks

Hours for Walmart To Cash Checks

Walmart MoneyCenter has hours they can provide customers with their services, just as any other service provider. As a customer of Walmart who wants to cash a check, you should always be aware of the time you are going to cash your check, especially if it is important. Walmart cash checking hours are from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday, and 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday. This should be enough time for customers to decide the amount they wish to cash out on and also to work with the time of service hours so as not to complain about Walmart closing “too early” when they were open for 12 hours Monday to Saturday and open for 8 hours on Sunday.

Checks That Cannot be Cashed at Walmart

1.   Handwritten checks

2.   Personal checks

3.   Checks with multiple payees

4.   Checks dated more than 180 days before

5.   Post-dated checks

6.   Non-MoneyGram money orders

7.   MoneyGram money orders not issued at Walmart

Ways to Cash Checks at Walmart

There are only two ways to cash a check at Walmart, and you should do these at your convenience.

The first way is when you are already grocery shopping, and you immediately remember you need to cash a check, you can just walk up to the cashier’s counter and they will guide you.

The second way is to go to a “MoneyCenter” which they have close to the customer service desk, there will be an employee ready to help you with any financial inquiries and cash the check for you. 

Always remember to carry any valid means of Identification with you whenever you want to cash a check.

Why is Walmart Successful? Does it cash checks on Sundays?

Walmart has stores that are usually close to the customers more often than not. 

They offer low prices on various products which makes it more of a popular destination for budget-conscious shoppers

Walmart offers a large selection of things that gives customers a one-stop destination for their needs.

Their stores have hours and locations that are convenient to their customers.

Their employees are admired for their friendly services which make customers’ shopping experiences pleasant.

Conclusion for if Walmart will cash checks on Sundays

With how Walmart work, you should always check out their Terms of Service when it comes to Check Cashing. It is better safe than sorry. Even with their advantages, they have disadvantages, and you should always know how to weigh them side by side before deciding to use their services for cashing checks.


Q1: What are the fees for cashing Government-issued checks in 2022?

A1: Government-issued checks are now $4 for $1,000 and $8 for checks over $1,000.

Q2: What is the fee for cashing payroll checks in 2022?

A2: For payroll checks up to $1,000, the fee is $2 and 1% of the check value for values higher than $1,000.

Q3: Is it just payroll checks with such cheap prices?

A3: No. Any checks other than the ones Walmart doesn’t cash, and the Government-issued checks that already have fees attached to them. (See Checks that Cannot be Checked at Walmart).

Does Walmart Cash Check on a Sunday?

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