Does Walmart Have An ATM?

Walmart enjoys offering a wide variety of services to its millions of loyal customers to slightly simplify their daily lives. You might be curious, though, about if Walmart provides access to an ATM and whether there are any restrictions or costs. So, Does Walmart Have An ATM? Let’s know.

Does Walmart Have An ATM?

In 2022, the majority of Walmart locations will give customers access to an ATM within the building. Walmart ATMs are found in front of the store. The cost to use the ATM ranges from $1 to $4 for every withdrawal, depending on the Walmart location.

Most Walmart stores give access to an ATM towards the front of the premises. They do this so that customers can withdraw their cash funds before shopping. As you keep reading this article, you will find more detail about the Walmart ATM.

Is My Walmart Money Card Acceptable At All ATMs?

As earlier stated, many Walmart locations provide customers with access to an ATM right there while they shop. They can, first of all, withdraw their money from the ATM before starting to buy anything. 

At checkout or the customer service desk at a Walmart location, you can withdraw money for free with your Walmart MoneyCard. The Walmart MoneyCard can also be used to withdraw cash from any ATM, although there is a $2.50 fee for doing so.

From our findings, MoneyPass, a network of Elan Financial Services, go into partnership with Walmart to produce complete ATM and debit card processing solutions. As a result of this, over 2,000 stores were created to provide free ATM access through Walmart’s Express machines.

How Much Does a Walmart ATM Fee Cost?

For using the ATM, you will be charged a small fee. The card levies $2.50 for ATM withdrawals and $0.50 for checking your ATM balance. When you use a particular bank, there will be a withdrawal fee of $2.50. As a customer, you can withdraw your money for free from Walmart’s ATM.

Using the Walmart ATM may require you to pay a small fee. It largely depends on where you live. It can cost anything from $1 and $4. However, by requesting cash back upon making a purchase, you can still access money at Walmart without paying a fee.

Remember that you might only be qualified for reimbursement up to a certain amount. A Walmart representative will decide on the amount.

How Much Can You Get From a Walmart ATM?

Depending on the machine and the business, there are different daily withdrawal limits. You can pick up the money from the ATM if you have the card. It is significant to remember that, absent a special request, the Walmart Money Card cannot be used to withdraw cash outside of the US.

At any ATM inside a Walmart location, you can use the Walmart money card as well as a select number of ATMs outside of Walmart properties. If you decide to use the card within a Walmart shop, there won’t be any fees for using ATMs.

The money card currently has a $10,000 spending limit and a $3,000 maximum withdrawal value. Additionally, this is the largest sum that you can ever load onto the money card.

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Money That A Walmart Money Card Can Hold?

Unlike most prepaid cards, the Walmart MoneyCard has a $10,000 maximum balance. The card has a $3,000 daily spending cap, which is approximately average for prepaid cards.

Although Walmart ATMs have a $3,000 cap on withdrawals made using money cards, it is unknown if restrictions apply to withdrawals made with other debit or credit cards.

It is recommended to call your local Walmart to find out what limits they have as withdrawal limits can differ from machine to machine.

How Do You Load Your Walmart MoneyCard?

Direct deposit, Walmart store reloads, internet transfers, and tax return deposits are all ways to top up Walmart MoneyCards.

1. Direct Deposit 

Direct deposit allows for the immediate loading of government benefits or paychecks into a MoneyCard. You can choose to deposit all or a portion of your check using this free service. Up to two days before the scheduled “payday,” employers must notify the bank of direct payments; Walmart will then make an early transfer of monies to the card.

2. Walmart Rapid Reload 

You can use Walmart Rapid Reload to fund your card at Walmart’s location. The use of the MoneyCard app can allow you to deposit money when you tap on Deposit Cash on the app to your card from the menu of the app.

3. Web Transfer

There is no reloading fee for online transfers, which normally take one to three working days. Your bank might impose costs on the electronic transfer, though.

4. Refund of Taxes

If you choose to refund your taxes online, you can opt for a refund deposited directly into your Walmart MoneyCard without any further cost. Walmart will SMS you the direct deposit information you need to put on your tax returns after receiving your card information and cellphone number.

Given the fact that filing your tax online is faster than sending it through the mail, the Internal Revenue Service processing timing will be taken into consideration


Many Walmart shoppers would welcome the availability of ATMs in front of the stores for withdrawals. Aside from being handy, the customer would be able to obtain funds before going shopping. However, these machines may occasionally charge a fee for use and may have particular withdrawal restrictions, all of which can be confirmed with the business.

Does Walmart Have An ATM?

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