Faberware Air Fryer – Know more

Faberware air fryer is a type of air fryer that fries food to crisp and crunch without using oil. It is a healthy way of making foods. It works by distributing hot air in an enclosed space with the food in it until it becomes crunchy and crispy. Know more about Faberware Air Fryer

Faberware Air Fryer

Components of the Faberware air fryer

  • The heating element cooks that food from all sides.
  • Temperature knob that can be used to set temperatures between 250℉ – 400℉ when cooking
  • A timer 
  • A pull-out design 
  • The cooking capacity of 2 pounds/ 0.9 liters of food
  • The frying basket 

How to use Faberware air fryer

  • Pull the appliance out of the box and place it on a flat and heat-proof surface for safe use. Make sure there is space around it.
  • Place the basket in the holder and in turn place the food in the basket. Do not overload the basket to avoid unevenly cooked food
  • Set an appropriate temperature with the knob. The air fryer comes with recommendations for cooking times and temperature required for frozen foods and room temperature foods
  • Set the cooking time using the timer nub. After setting the timer, a red light comes up. This is the heating light.
  • If the appliance is cold, you might want to add extra 3 minutes to your cooking time to enable it to heat up before heating the food. If you don’t want to do this, you can preheat the appliance by turning the timer knob to 3 minutes and waiting till the countdown stops and the red light goes off. Now you can start cooking.
  • When it gets to half of the cooking time, if you desire to shake the ingredients, you can pull the pan out by its handle and shake it before putting it back in the fryer.
  • Once the countdown ends, the red light goes off. Carefully remove the pan at this point to check the food.
  • Ensure the food is well cooked. If it isn’t, put it back for a few more minutes. Afterward, empty the basket into a plate using gloves or a tong.
  • If there is another batch of food to be cooked, place it in the empty basket and set the cooking time. At this point, you do not need to pre-heat the air fryer as it is already hot.
  • Excess fluid from the food can be found at the bottom of the pan. To discard this fluid, remove the basket using the ‘basket release button’. Pour out the liquid, and put the basket back in the pan and the pan back in the air fryer.

Safety Precautions when using faberware air fryer

  • Always place the appliance on a heat-proof surface.
  • Never carry the basket out with bare hands. You can use a glove or tong.
  • Stay clear from the lid of the air fryer when pushing the basket release button because there might be a release of hot steam from the pan.
  • Don’t touch the pan while cooking and allow to cool after cooking
  • When shaking the pan, be careful not to push the basket release button on the handle.

Faberware air fryer maintenance

  • Do not use an abrasive sponge, steel wire, or metal utensils to remove food particles stuck in the air fryer as this might damage the non-stick coat on the cooking surface.
  • Unplug the air fryer when cleaning it
  • Never submerge the air fryer in water as the main unit is an electrical component
  • Clean the cooking surface with half lemon to remove residual odors.
  • Never use disinfectants, that aren’t safe for food contact, in cleaning the air fryer

How to clean Faberware air fryer

  • Remove and wash the basket and pans with hot soapy water.
  • For parts that have baked-on grease, soak in hot soapy water for a few minutes and scrub afterward with a non-abrasive sponge 
  • Throw the parts that are dishwasher safe into the dishwasher
  • Using a damp cloth and a little dish soap, wipe down the interior and wipe with a clean dry cloth.
  • Wipe the heating element and the outer part with a clean damp cloth
  • Dry all removable parts before assembling

How much is the Faberware air fryer?

Depending on the size of the air fryer, the price can range from $35-$100. The price may also vary in different stores both online and offline


The Faberware air fryer is a great home appliance as it is versatile, very easy to use, and clean. It also eradicates the mess that grease, fat, and oil creates in the kitchen.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you use aluminum foil in an air fryer?

Yes, you can. As long as you use it safely and avoid covering critical components in your air fryer that may lead to uneven cooking or even damage to the air fryer.

  • How long can I cook meat using an air fryer?

It takes 7-9 minutes for medium-rare steak and 10-14 minutes for medium steak.

Faberware Air Fryer – Know more

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