Heater Core Replacement Cost- Know More About It!

The heater core is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Therefore, it must be always functioning and in perfect condition. So you need to know a lot about your vehicle’s heater core. Let’s know more on heater core replacement cost, below.

Heater Core Replacement Cost 

There will come a time when a situation will arise and you will need to fix your vehicle heater. In order to avoid being ripped off or unprepared, you need to have a basic knowledge about the heater core of your vehicle, its function when it needs a replacement, the cost for replacement, where you can get a replacement, and the effect of a faulty heater core. Read further to learn more about your vehicle’s heater core.

What is a Heater core?

A heater core is a small radiator positioned under your vehicle’s dashboard. A heater core helps to heat the cabin of your car by using the hot coolant from the engine. It is made up of aluminum or brass tubing with cooling fins.

What is the Function of the Heater Core?

The function of the core is similar to that of the air conditioning of our homes. But instead of cooling, the heater core warms up the interior of our vehicles keeping them warm and comfortable. A heater core is especially very important during winter to keep you and your vehicle warm.

How Do I Know That My Heater Core Is Malfunction And In Need Of Replacement?

Before the heater core completely stops working there are some signs it shows and you have to take note of it so that you can be aware that the heater core needs replacement soon. These signs are:

  1. Slime film on the vehicle windows: slimy films will build up on the windows of your car if your heater core is malfunctioning.
  2. Non-functioning heater: when your car’s heater core stops working, it is a sign that there is a problem and has to be fixed as soon as possible.
  3. The sweet smell inside the vehicle: a leakage in the heater core will cause the smell of the engine coolant (known to have a sweet smell) to be blown into the car through the vents.
  4. Fog inside the car: this could be a result of the damaged core blowing smoke into your car’s cabin or the defrosters are not functioning due to damage in the heater core.
  5. Continuous loss of engine coolant: loss of engine coolant as a result of a leakage in the heater core can cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat and get damaged.
  6. Cold air in the cabin:  this can happen as a result of a leakage in the tubes in the heater core that supplies hot coolant to it.
  7. Hot engine or cold cabin: a leakage in the heater core can lead to a coolant problem causing cold air to be blown through the vents while your engine is overheating.

Is the Heater Core Important?

Yes, the heater core is important because it is responsible for supplying your heater with hot air that is needed during the cold months of winter when the temperature is usually freezing.

What is the Cost of Replacing a Bad Heater Core?

The heater core replacement cost of your car’s heater core depends on different factors such as if you are the one replacing it or you are going to employ a professional, the cost of the heater core, and the cost of labor.

If you are fixing the heater core yourself, you need to buy a new heater core, and the cost ranges from $100 to $300. 

However, hiring a professional to replace your heater core can cost you about $800 to $1000. Cost of the new heater core and labor included.

Bypassing the heater core, Is Advisable?

Due to the high cost of using and fixing the heater core, some people might decide to bypass the heater core.  Bypassing is the process of repairing the heater core inside the engine of your car to reduce heating core costs and solve the problem of engine overheating. It is usually not advisable to bypass a heater core except it is going to be done by experienced hands.


Now that you know the importance of the heater core in your car, so make sure to always take note of the signs of a faulty/bad heater core. You don’t want to be stranded in a car with a faulty heater during winter. If you can’t afford the cost of repairing a heater core and you don’t use your car’s heater during the winter you can always bypass the heater core.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I fix My Car’s Heater Core?

You can fix it at the automobile repair shop nearest to you.

Can I Drive With a Broken Heater Core?

Yes, you can drive your car with a broken heater core but, it is not wise to do so since it can result in overheating and cause extensive damage to your engine.

Heater Core Replacement Cost- Know More About It!

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