How To Get 7 Day Free Trial On Spotify

Spotify remains a force to reckon with in the music streaming industry, fighting off competition from other user-friendly services like Tidal and Apple Music. Its collaborative playlists, extensive catalog of podcasts, and other attractive features make the company an outstanding prospect. Back in the day, Spotify offered a 7-day free trial to enjoy its Premium plan. The streaming music giant offers three months of premium streaming for first-time users. Students even have an edge with an enormous discount over the regular premium account. Lets know How To Get 7 Day Free Trial On Spotify.

How To Get 7 Day Free Trial On Spotify

Step-by-step Guide To Get A Free Trial Of Spotify Premium

So, Spotify’s free premium package is there for you, whether you want to get hyped up for your gym session, host a thrilling party, or get lost in the flow while doing work. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide for you to get your free trial.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click Premium

Step 3: Click Get Started

Step 4: Set up an account

Step 5: Click Try Premium

Step 6: Enter a payment method

Step 7: Enter your personal information

What’s The Difference Between Spotify’s Free Version And The Premium Package?

The main advantage Spotify premium offers over the regular package is the absence of ads while listening to music. Besides, you get to create playlists, own a library of your favorite songs, and fast forward a song while listening to a playlist as many times as you like and sharing them with family and friends.

In short, you’re entitled to many personalized settings on the premium package.

How To Cancel Your Spotify Premium Subscription

Once your free three months subscription elapses, you automatically become a full-blown Spotify subscriber. Your account will be deducted automatically from a monthly subscription fee.

The good news is that you cancel your subscription before Spotify charges you for your first paid subscription month’s bill. Once you get an upgrade from a free trial to paid subscription mail, use the following steps to cancel your subscription:

Step 1: Enter your login information to access your account 

Step 2: Go to your profile 

Step 3: Click Account from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select Available Plans

Step 5: Find Spotify Free 

Step 5: Select Cancel Premium

Upon cancellation,  you won’t have access to a Premium account subscription, but your free trial remains intact.


Getting Spotify premium for free is relatively easy and better than the free version. As long as you’re willing to let go of your credit card information. To make things simple, Spotify also accepts Paypal as a payment method.

Especially for people not willing to give out their personal information. On the other hand, sparing cash for a premium subscription might not be your problem. You might not just see the point in paying for a premium account when you can enjoy the services for free.

In this case, it’s not the same thing. Upgrading your free plan to premium trumps using Spotify for free. Based on our experience sampling all Spotify services, we recommend you go for the premium plan. It’s definitely worth the stress. 

You can even convince your friends to set up a group account with you so you can enjoy premium for less.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Spotify Premium worth it?

For students that can verify their eligibility through Spotify’s third-party app called SheerID, Spotify is worth it. However, we all have our definition of value when comparing it directly to the cost of something.

Your pocket has a significant impact to play on what you find affordable. If you have enough cash to spare monthly, Spotify premium should be your target. If not, be ready to listen to your songs with ads all over the place.

  1. How many times can you get a free trial on Spotify?

Spotify’s free 3-month trial is only available for first-time users and can not be redeemed more than once. You get charged monthly for the premium package when your trial period is up.

  1. Is the Spotify free trial available for everyone?

Spotify’s free trial offer is intended for users who’ve never tested the Premium package. So, if your payment method has been used previously for a premium account or you’ve been part of a family plan, you’re not eligible for a free trial on Spotify.

Also, Spotify services are not available on some personal devices.

  1. Will Spotify charge my account during a free trial?

No. However, Spotify will charge the card you registered with when your subscription ends. But if you follow our steps on how to cancel your Spotify free trial Subscription, you’ll be able to cancel the automatic renewal and avoid getting charged. 

  1. Apart from smartphones, what other devices does Spotify support?

There’s a Spotify web version for your desktop, and devices like smartwatches, tablets, set-top boxes, TVs,  and video game consoles are also supported.

How To Get 7 Day Free Trial On Spotify

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