How To Get Groceries Delivered?

After the COVID pandemic, the world realized the importance of virtual connection. Our online presence was limited to the last seen of any app. COVID-19 made us realize that we can get everything at your doorstep with just a few clicks. Here we will discuss how to get groceries delivered.

How to get groceries delivered?

Every day things were out of reach in the pandemic as the spread increased. This boosts the online delivery of everything at the doorstep. Especially groceries and food delivery which were a non-stop service around the clock throughout the world. But this also leads to another problem. Which app will get you the fresh groceries at your door. Here is the list of best apps that will get your ordered fresh groceries safely at your address.

The Guide To Best Apps That Bring Groceries Straight To Your Address. How to get groceries delivered?

According to a survey, grocery sales increased to 63.9% last year. And raising a $243.67 million industry of online grocery shopping. There are many apps for you to take advantage of. We will guide you through the process and get the best apps with great customer satisfaction and brilliant products to choose from. So let’s start shopping! To get groceries delivered-

  • Instacart
  • Walmart
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Boxed
  • Thrive Market 


Instacart is an American retailer that provides fresh groceries at your desired pick-up spot. It is currently operating in the U.S. and Canada. You can shop from your local market in their operating regions. You can pick your favorite products from several brands and stores.

You just need to pick the products, select the delivery date and spot and pay your bill. A designated shopper will proceed with your order and deliver it to the right place. They have membership plans as well. For free grocery delivery for unlimited time, you need to order $35 or more. 


Walmart grocery is the best choice if you love many options to choose from. You can get your grocery list packed and pick it up on your way back home. You can also get them packed and delivered at home in many cities. Isn’t this the best?

You can order your groceries from their website or app. They also offer exciting deals like order delivery before 1 pm will have zero delivery charges.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon is one the best brands to get your groceries to your door fresh and safe. They provide its subscribed members the facility to order their groceries from home comfort. But if you haven’t subscribed and want to try their services, you can. 

They provide a free trial of 30 days and then you can have their services for just $13 per month. You can pack your order and get it delivered within just two hours. Don’t worry if the parcel arrives and you’re not at home. They provide temperature-controlled packages which keep the food at a moderate temperature.


Boxed is another brand for you to trust. You also provide grocery delivery from multiple stores on several products. You can avail of various discount offers and deals as well. This service is best for purchasing in bulk like veggies and pantry items.

You can also have their membership for many other services and delivery charges. You can get free delivery on purchases of $49 or more. In the case of less than $ 49, you need to pay $7 for each delivery.

Thrive Market 

Thrive market doesn’t deliver fresh groceries. But they deliver pantry items, snacks, grains, skin care products, and other durable items. You can also purchase your vegan and keto items.

You can have their membership for just $10. When signing up, you will have to provide the items you want to purchase as it will help you to see your products of choice in the future. 

Thrive Market is a green activist and loves to cut down its carbon prints. They donate to the deserving community as each member is purchased. They also try to go carbon-free when delivering orders.

Eventually, you have all that you need to know about the apps and brands that can help you purchase your groceries and snacks. These apps help you save money and stay safe at the same time. So, order now and get your groceries at your doorstep and get groceries delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What Is The Price Of The Instacart Membership?

The price of an Instacart membership is $9 per year now. It also allows its users to have a free trial offer.

2. Can I Order Grocery From Amazon?

Yes, but only in specific cities that allow you to get fresh groceries and household products.

3. Do You Have To Tip The Drivers?

It’s optional. You can give tips to them but they have a 5% share in your order purchase.

4. Are Instacart Shoppers Allowed To Enter Your Residences?

Instacart shoppers are responsible to drop the order at the desired place but they shouldn’t be allowed to enter your home and premises.

How To Get Groceries Delivered?

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