How to Sell Baby Clothes?

It is only an obvious fact that babies outgrow their clothes very fast. On average, a baby will grow 0.5–1 inch and gain 5–7 ounces per month in the first year. This extreme growth speed means quite beautiful and valuable items of clothing becoming useless one by one. As parents of a newborn baby will be gifted with a high number of very cute little baby outfits, friends and family may hand down bags of clothes. Or the parent may have gone out of the track while preparing for the baby and bought just too many clothes. A little one’s wardrobe will be filled with those gifts and purchases day over the day as they will no longer fit the little baby that was half its weight a few weeks ago. Let’s know more on how to sell baby clothes.

How to Sell Baby Clothes?

What to do with all those newly bought, hardly worn-out clothes? Well, selling them is always a good option! You can create some space in your baby’s wardrobe and make a little cash in the process.

In this article, we are going to mention five different online spaces where you can sell your baby’s outgrown clothing. However, the process is quite common and simple. You should make sure that there is no apparent damage to the item such as holes or big stains. As it is in babies’ nature, clothing items can be easily damaged and sometimes not noticed. After making sure that the item is in fine condition, the selling process moves on to creating a listing or applying for brands to buy your baby’s second-hand clothing. Generally speaking, you can get %30-%60 of the original price back, depending on the condition of the item and its newness.

So let’s take a look at the most useful spaces where you can sell your baby’s outgrown clothes.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Lately, Facebook Marketplace has been gaining popularity in the field and it is quickly becoming a quite well-known platform where people will sell and buy used items.

It is extremely fast, user-friendly, and can it allows you to make personal trades with buyers or sellers, and decide on the time that you want the sale to take place. Plus, it is so much the center of the interest that half of the population is already using it.

One of the best ways to sell baby clothes on Facebook Marketplace is to prep the clothing and make sure you present it in the best light.

Find a clean and well-lit table in your home and one by one layout the pieces in order to take attractive pictures.

2. eBay

eBay is another extremely popular selling site. It has very wide potential for both new and second-hand products. While it is not as big as Facebook Marketplace, eBay’s customer base consists of 170 million people, and since it has the facility of bidding, the look of your item and its charm are more important on eBay. After going on the site, you can easily take a picture of your baby’s cloth and put it on the sale immediately.

3. Once Upon a Child

An online portal available in the US and Canada, they buy clothing that includes costumes, dancewear, outer gear, sleepwear, and anything else that can be worn! They buy almost all kinds of baby items, but shoes and clothes are naturally the most popular. The website provides you with the preferred brands, which are sold more quickly on the site but you can sell other brands as well. Nevertheless, they are a little bit pickier than other websites in terms of the item’s condition, so make sure that the clothing you wish to sell is in good condition.

4. My Kid’s Threads

Another great second-hand baby item trading site is My Kid’s Threads. Similar to Once Upon a Child, it focuses more on the newly bought and good-conditioned products. You can find what you need to do on their website under the topic ‘How it Works’.

You First request a bag online which they ship to you.

Then scan and dig in your kid’s closet of all clothing that was outgrown.

Prepare the item before dropping it at your local UPS with the bag they send you, like washing and ironing. 

5. Kidizen

Kidizen is definitely one of the best trading spaces to sell baby clothes if you want an easy and helpful solution to your chaotic closet space.

The first step is to go to their website and create an online account. You will immediately see the ‘Sell’ button after registering to the site. In order to create the listing, you simply need to take a picture of the item you wish to sell and fill in the details and information about the product. At the end of the listing process, the site will present you the total amount that you will be allowed to keep, as the site takes a commission from the sale, and your listing will go up and you will begin to await buyers!

How to Sell Baby Clothes?

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