How To Watch Queens?


Queens is an American drama series which was premiered on ABC (an American broadcasting channel)in the year 2021 of October. The executive producers of this series are Zahir Mc Ghee, Sabrina Wind, and Tim story the number of the seasons in this series so far is 1 and it includes 13 episodes, each episode lasting 45 to 50 minutes. The series is about the reunion of four women in their 40s to take back the fame that they once had in the hip-hop world. In this article, we will see about ‘How To Watch Queens?’.

How To Watch Queens?

How To Watch Queens?

Queens can be watched on Hulu, which is an American subscription streaming service that has various offers ranging from low as 6$ to 70 $ according to the pack and number of shows telecasted. Or it can be watched on Disney + Hot Star, which provides various deals and offers to start at 9$ for a month. Or you can buy the series on Apple TV, Google Play, or Vudu fandango for 20$ for this series, which has 13 episodes.

Queens Staring crew

Eve, Brandy Naturi, NaughtonNadine, Velazquez

1. HULU 

Hulu is an American subscription streaming service that provides customers with various deals and offers. The offers provided to them are listed below.

  • They provide a one-month free trial for 6.99$ per month.
  • They provide a 30-day free trial with no advertisement at 13$ per month.
  • A package of Hulu + Disney + Hot stars + ESPN at 69.9$ per month.
6.99$ per month,

In this deal, the customer gets a 30-day free trial that is to watch the series or episodes for free later, by which they need to pay the subscription fee to continue streaming.

13$ pack per month

In this kind of offer provided by Hulu, the customers get to watch series or movies for free 30 days later, but they need to pay 13$ to continue streaming without any kind of advertisement in between.

69$ pack per month 

This is a complete pack of beneficiaries for the customers. That is, they just need to pay 69$ per month, where they get a complete package of a package of Hulu + Disney + Hot Stars + ESPN. 

2. Disney+ Hot star

This is an international streaming service that offers the customer a subscription at great deals like mobile, super, and premium plans offering HD video quality ranging from 9$ to30 $ per month. All you need to do is log in or create your account and select the plan according to the offer then subscribe by paying and continuing streaming.

The Queen series can also be watched by simply purchasing the web series for 19.99 dollars from the following apps. 

  • Apple TV
  • Google play 
  • Vudu fandango

3. Apple TV

It is one of the leading streaming services, which is accessible through various gadgets. You can simply download the Queen’s series at 19.99$ or take up the subscription offer at 4.994 per month and watch the series you desire. 

4. Google play

Google Play is the largest platform to explore high-quality movie series and other online entertainment, providing services that either offer rental, or purchase services to download the videos of movies according to the availability or needs of the customers. One can purchase the queen series at 19$ and watch the series in HD quality on various gadgets.

5. Vudu fandango

It is an American streaming service that provides more than 20000 + new release series and movies at high-resolution quality. Queens can also be watched on this streaming service either at a 30-day free trial or by activating the subscription plan at 9 dollars per month.


Now we have learnt ‘How To Watch Queens?’, Queens is an American musical drama series that is telecasted on the American broadcasting channel in the year 2021 of October. The main character in this series is Eve, Brandi Naturi, Naughton Nadine, and Velazquez. One can watch queen on either Hulu for free for 30 days and then pay the subscription fee to continue streaming or then can also watch queen in Disney + Hotstar or ESPN or simply purchase on apple TV or Google plays etc. 

Frequently asked questions

  •  Can the Queens series be watched for free?

 Queen can be watched on Hulu apps for free for 30 days later. You need to subscribe for a  suitable plan and subscribe to continue streaming.

  • How many seasons and episodes are there in the queen’s series?

 Queens has only 1 season that contains 13 episodes and streams for 42 to 50 hours each episode.

  • How to subscribe to Hulu to watch the Queen’s series?

Download the Hulu app, log in using the required personnel details, select the subscription plan according to your choice and make payment and continue watching.

  • What is the queen’s series all about?

 The queen’s series is all about the reunion of four women who were once famous in their 90s in the hip hop world.

How To Watch Queens?

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