How to Write a Shipping Label?

It is quite important to write a shipping label correctly before delivering a package. A shipping label is like an ID that helps in preventing the loss and mishandling of a package. This article will explain how to write a shipping label without hassle.

How to Write a Shipping Label?

Writing a shipping label for an envelope is different from writing for a package. To write a shipping label for an envelope, firstly, write the mailing address, then get it stamped, and lastly, add the return address. For a package, indicate the service type, add the sender’s name and address, then add the weight of the package.

What does a Shipping Label mean?

A shipping label contains the necessary details of a particular package. It embodies all the information a courier requires to drop off a package at its destination. A shipment is incomplete if it lacks a shipping label.

What Does a Shipping Label Look Like?

Courier services have different templates for their shipping labels, but they still contain similar information on them. A shipping label contains the following details:

  • The sender and the recipient’s name
  • Size, and weight of the package
  • Shipping service used
  • Package description 
  • Barcodes
  • Tracking number

How to Write a Shipping Label on an Envelope 

1. Write the receiver’s mail address

After sealing the envelope, turn it over to the blank side and write the recipient’s mailing address at the center. It should be written legibly and in not more than four lines.

For example:

Receiver’s Name


City, zip code

2. Write the sender’s address

The sender’s address or the returning address as it is popularly called is your house or work address. it is written in the top left corner of the envelope. Your address is necessary for times when the letter cannot be delivered and needs to be returned by the courier service. It should be in the same structure as the recipient’s address. 

3. Stamping the Envelope

Using the stamp is the final step and it is placed on the top right corner of the envelope. Be sure to use the appropriate stamp, because the heavier the envelope, the more stamps you’ll use.

How to Write a Shipping Label for a Box

1. Write the recipient’s name and address

The recipient’s name and address should be written visibly on the side of the box. Use a pen with dark ink(a gel pen) or a permanent marker to write the receiver or company’s name. Next, add the address directly under the receiver’s name. If necessary, adding directions like West (W) or Northeast (NE) helps the package arrive at its supposed location.

2. Add the receiver’s City and Zip Code

The second procedure is to write the city and zip code of the receiver. Make sure you write the appropriate zip code of the city. If you’re not sure, you can do a quick research.

3. Write the Returning address and Zip code

The return address should be written on the top left corner of the box, to differentiate between the sender and receiver’s information. It should also be written in the exact format of the receiver’s address. Do not use unauthorized abbreviations. Next, add the correct zip code.

4. Cross-check all the written details

After writing, ensure you cross-check all the information you have written to see if there is an error. If you notice any, lay a new label over the already written one and start all over. 


For the successful delivery of your shipment, it is important to properly write a shipping label, and include all necessary information as it helps identify and speed up the delivery. Regarding the weight and size of the package, take it to a local post office for weighing, and add the information to the box. Also, a barcode will be generated and added by the courier service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal size of a Shipping Label?

Although different couriers have their shipping labels in different sizes, the ideal size of a shipping label should be 4” by 6”.

Where do I Put the Shipping Label?

After sealing up your box, the shipping label should be attached on top or beside the box. Be sure not to cover any area on the label.

Why was my Shipment Returned?

A package is usually returned because it cannot be delivered. Such a package would then be taken to the sender’s address written on the package. A package could be returned for several reasons, but the following are the most popular reasons an item was returned to the sender:

  • The address is either wrong or does not exist.
  • The package contains insufficient postage.
  • A wrong package was delivered.
  • The recipient has changed location without providing a forwarding address.
  • The recipient refuses the package.
How to Write a Shipping Label?

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