Lost Samsung Remote – Know more

Gone are the days when losing your Samsung tv remote was considered unlucky. You had only two choices for your solutions; either jot to the store and get yourself a new remote or make a life-changing decision of permanently changing your channels the manual way. If you lose your Samsung tv remote, you can use the SmartThings applications on your phone to control your television. The application will allow you to change the channel, adjust your tv volume and perform other functions seamlessly. You can also get another remote online, but it will primarily depend on your tv model. This article will guide you on how to download and use the SmartThings app; we’ll also look at your replacement options and what will get you back to enjoy your favorite tv channels. Let’s know more about the lost Samsung remote.

Lost Samsung Remote

What To Do After Losing Your Samsung Remote

Generally, you have three options, and they are using the SmartThings app, connecting your smart Samsung tv with your home assistant, or purchasing a new remote.

  1. Downloading and using the SmartThings application

The SmartThings application will not only control your television, but you can also manage other smart devices at home like smart home assistants and your appliances.

To download the application, you can download it for free on the App Store if you are using an iPhone. You are also in luck if you use an android; you can download the application from the Google play store for free.

After successfully downloading the application, you can follow the below steps to connect it with your Samsung tv.

  • You will need to switch on your television
  • After your tv is on, go ahead and click on the plus icon, then choose Device
  • Click where it says “By device type,” then you can choose Samsung smart tv
  • Then choose TV, Start, and Next in the exact order
  • Lastly, select your TV and click done

Following the above instructions, you should prepare your popcorn and watch your favorite channels.

  1. Link your Samsung TV to Smart Home Assistance

Smart Home Assistants such as Alexa and Google Home allow you to change your tv channels via voice commands, and the good news is that they can work seamlessly with your Samsung TV. 

You will need to follow the below steps to link Google Home to your Samsung TV

  • You will need to download Google Home and SmartThings applications
  • Then, go ahead and open the Google Home application
  • In this order, go to Settings, Assistant, then Home Control
  • Now, choose the plus icon and select SmartThings
  • Lastly, fill in your Samsung TV details and click “Authorize.”

After you are done, you are good to go

Do the following to link Alexa to your Samsung TV, but first, you will also need to download the SmartThings application.

  • You will have to link your smart Samsung TV with the SmartThings application
  • Make sure to download the Alexa application
  • In this order, click Menu, then go to Skills & Games
  • Now, enable SmartThing; you may need to link it to your TV
  • Lastly, press Discover Devices, choose your Samsung TV, and Press Done 

After following the steps, you should be ready to go

  1. Buy a new Samsung TV remote

If you feel that you do not want to be using your mobile phone to control your Samsung TV, you have the option of buying a replacement online. You can either choose:-

  • The Voice Command Remote

This remote allows you to make voice commands, and though it is a replacement, most Amazon reviews claim that it is the closest remote you can purchase to the original.

  • The Standard Replacement Remote

The standard replacement remote should work immediately after inserting the batteries. It is compatible with all Samsung smart TVs.

  • The OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote

The OMAIC remote is well known as an all-in-one remote capable of changing channels at 0.03 seconds. It changes channels, adjusts the volume, and has many more features.

In Summary

Losing your Samsung TV remote is no longer a problem. You can always use the SmartThings application to control your TV, use Smart Home Assistance software, or get a replacement remote online.

If using your phone to control your TV is not pleasant, you may decide to buy the OMAIC universal TV remote, the voice command remote, or the standard replacement remote.


  1. What do I do if I lose my Samsung TV remote?

You can use the SmartThings app, link your TV to a Smart Home Assitant, or purchase a replacement remote online.

  1. Can I use any remote for my Samsung TV?

Samsung televisions remote are not universal; however, you can get a universal remote, a remote control application on your Device, or a replacement remote to control your Samsung TV.

  1.  How do I connect my Samsung TV to WiFi without remote?

You will need to connect the mouse and USB keyboard to your Samsung TV, and then go to TV WiFi settings to connect WiFi

Lost Samsung Remote – Know more

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