Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks- Read More About It


DoorDash is an online food delivery service mainly operating in the United States of America and some parts of Canada. Similar to Uber, DoorDash is fundamentally a gig-economy service. It lets its customers order food from nearby restaurants and hire contractors to pick up and deliver their orders. Even though DoorDash is the largest food delivery company in the United States, its customers have many complaints about this platform. In this article, we will see about ‘Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks’.

Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks

Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks?

As of lately, DoorDash services have seemed to become a pain in the neck of its customers. Many are claiming that this platform is no longer the same, that it has changed and for the worse. If you are thinking of joining this platform, you might want to know everything about it: the Good and the Bad. And in this article, you will find out the latter one.

So, Let’s read on as we will be listing a few Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks:

1. DoorDash Is Costly 

One thing that makes people hate this platform is its exorbitant price. Apart from the cost of your ordered food, DoorDash charges a hundred other fees. With DoorDash, you pay delivery fees, service fees, subscription fees, and whatnot! Being a third-party application, it will certainly cost you more than what a restaurant costs you directly. But the cost of DoorDash cannot be justified when compared to other similar platforms. There are many affordable alternatives out there that people can use. A high cost with poor experience is the biggest reason why people are staying away from DoorDash and switching to other options. 

2. DoorDash Delivery Service Is Very Slow

When you are paying such high prices, you expect good service. However, DoorDash does not live to that expectation. The delivery service it provides is slow. Late deliveries can still be tolerable in other cases, but when it is about food, you cannot afford to wait much longer. DoorDash workers do not have a good reputation either. There have been cases where they ate the ordered food, making the customers wait for nothing.

3. The Food That Gets Delivered Is Often Cold

If the delivery takes so long, your fresh-warm food will surely get cold. And when your endless patience cannot even get you to eat your favorite food nicely, you are sure to lose your appetite and mood.

4. Inconvenience Due To Wrong Orders

Several customers have claimed to have got the wrong orders. You wait incessantly for your food and when it finally comes, it is not what you have ordered! Due to the negligence of the restaurants or DoorDash drivers, customers have to suffer. If the inconvenience was not enough, DoorDash refuses to fix the mess they create.

5. Poor Customer Support Service 

The inconvenience caused by DoorDash to its customers is genuine, but this delivery service does not even acknowledge that. Several customers have complained of how indifferent DoorDash has been to their problems. The customer support service will just give you a runaround instead of solving your problem.

6. Chances For Your Food To Get Eaten Before It Reaches You

As already told before, some DoorDash drivers do eat the orders of their customers. That is immoral in itself, but the situation gets worse when they eat your food in a way you cannot even notice. These cases make you see your every order with skeptical eyes, wondering if it has got eaten or not. And in such cases, you cannot even file a complaint with DoorDash.

7. Failure To Notify Its Customers 

Sometimes your order on DoorDash gets canceled due to whatever reasons, and you wouldn’t even know about it. This is because DoorDash doesn’t notify its customers in any such event. And even when you try to reach out to them for any information, DoorDash won’t even pick up your call most of the time.


Now we have learnt ‘Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks’, DoorDash used to be a great application with an innovative concept of connecting customers with their delivery men. But due to an overflow of dashers of various kinds lately, the platform is just not the same. Along with the application, the ones who are to blame for the poor experience of customers are the dashers. Often, customers get their orders late not because of any technical glitch but because of reluctance on the part of DoorDash drivers. Customers are leaving this platform at an increasing rate because of all the reasons listed above. However, if DoorDash tries to keep its drivers under regulations and surveillance, there can still be some hope left for this online delivery service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Dashers earn for deliveries with DoorDash?

A Dasher gets paid a fixed base salary for each delivery. Apart from this, Dashers can also receive tips from the customers, all of which they are allowed to keep. DoorDash can also pay them some additional Peak Pay or any other fees.

2. How to cancel my DoorDash subscription?

To cancel your DoorDash subscription, follow the given steps:

• Launch the DoorDash app on your mobile phone.

• Go to your profile shown at the top left of the screen

• Tap on “Manage DashPass”

• Select “End Subscription”

Once you complete the above process, you are free from the hassles of this application.

3. What are some other alternatives to DoorDash?

If you are looking for a food delivery service like DoorDash, the following are some great options for you:

• Grubhub

• Uber Eats

• Instacart

. Zomato

• Postmates, etc.

Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks- Read More About It

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