Royal farms money order policy 

Royal Farms is a good provider with over 240 sites in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, of fast and courteous regional retail outlets. Royal Farms has been fulfilling the mid-Atlantic state’s level of real, healthy produce individual order since 1959. The Royal Farms Kitchen is recognized for its ever freshly, Farms Chicken, which is softly fried and grilled to golden brown perfection in Trans Fat-Free cooking oil. They have royal farms money order policy

Royal farms money order policy 

MoneyGram money orders are available in Royal Farms convenience outlets. You can also get premade cuisine and a variety of other commodities while you are there. MoneyGram money orders are only available from Royal Farms in amounts up to $300. It also charges $1.25 for each item, which is higher than usual.

Royal farms money order policy: Explained

According to a Royal Farms customer service associate, the company sells money orders at its numerous variety store locations. Furthermore, it is verified that Royal Farms sells a MoneyGram money orders policy with a value of up to $300 for a flat cost of $1.25. So it only sells money orders and does not accept or exchange them at its stores.

A MoneyGram money order in Royal Farms can be placed into your bank and credit association account, or executed at one of multiple look up locations. Each location has its policy for processing money orders that may include a cost for using it. You must pay for your money order in currency and there are no alternatives for it.

Royal Farms and FNB have announced a new collaboration deal that will see more than 190 FNB-branded PAI ATMs installed in Royal Farms retail outlets in Maryland and the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro areas. FNB’s multi-state ATM network has grown by more than 30% as an outcome of these units. This agreement will allow First National Bank to expand its physical ATM presence to better serve its client base’s long-term financial concerns.

Requirements to deposit money order for Royal Farms policy:

The procedures for issuing a money order vary a bit dependent on the supplier. The standard representatives of MoneyGram conclude that there is no need to clarify the reason for your money order to the broker or checker, according to all of the agents. They can, however, be forced to display proof of identity. 

Valid types of authentication include:

  • License to drive
  • Identity cards issued by the government
  • Legal citizen card
  • Passport
  • Military Card

Steps to fill out a money order for Royal Farms:

The steps for making out a money order vary markedly according to which lender you choose. You won’t have to write out the amount because the money order agent will print it on the money order when you pay for it.

  • Write the recipient’s name: To begin, fill in the “Payment to the account of” box with the name of the money order’s recipient.
  • Insert your signature on the Money Order: Money orders have a portion with the phrase “Purchaser’s signature” on them. You must sign this document.
  • Fill in the details with your address: You must provide your address, including your street name, city name, state, and zip code, in the related box.
  • Enter your account number: You have to fill out the “Payment for/account number” box. If your money order does not have this section, you can write your bank details at the bottom or top.
  • Pay the Service Fee: A processing is charged on some money orders. MoneyGram charges $1.25.
  • Keep the receipts safe: Keep your receipt in a safe and stable spot. If your money order is stolen or lost, your receipt will be useful to trace your money order. 


Royal Farm is a quick retail chain. It sells money orders and in addition gasoline, beverages, packaged food, as well as other items. Money orders are available at banks, supermarkets, and offices, among many other places. But banks are not the least expensive ways to receive a money order, considering their image as a natural starting place. Many supermarkets carry low cash orders authorized by MoneyGram or Western Union, which is a safe and economical choice. In Royal Farms convenience stores, MoneyGram money orders are accessible. The money order should not charge more than $2 in most situations and Royal Farm’s flat cost is $1.25.


How can you process a money order if you don’t have a state ID card?

MoneyGram clients just snap a photograph of their passport or other identity documents with their smartphone camera to conclude the biometric identification part of the money transfer process. The ID is then immediately confirmed using innovative machine learning algorithms by Mobile Verification.

Why does Royal Farm provide a money order service via MoneyGram?

To better satisfy the brief financial constraints of its client base. MoneyGram money orders allow you the comfort of a check without the burden of getting to open a bank account. You can track the status of your money order online and obtain a replacement. Their money orders are offered at a handful of locations.

Royal farms money order policy 

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