Talking Bingo Plush-Learn More About It

Fun, cuddly, and imaginative plush toys are such a delight to have in the home. The Talking Bingo Plush is a soft, cuddly ball of energy that absolutely loves being with a family. It’s a one-of-a-kind plush toy that will undoubtedly bring life to any home.

Talking Bingo Plush

The talking bingo plush is the perfect size for cuddles. It is a soft plushy that will invariably bring some life into your home, and give you a warm feeling of comfort with its unmatched softness. It is an ideal stuffed toy for any child and will give them the company that they always crave.

Talking Bingo Plush Features

Talking bingo plush is popular amongst kids and adults alike of how soft and cuddly it is. Here are some of the features that the talking bingo plush presents:

  • Talking bingo plush dimensions: 4.53 x 11.81 x 13.98 inches
  • Weight of the talking bingo plush: 10.6 ounces
  • Country the talking bingo plush was made: China
  • Manufacturer recommended age to play with talking bingo plush: 3 years to 99 years
  • Batteries: 3 LR44 batteries are required. ( the batteries are included with the talking bingo plush)
  • Release date: 1st of August 2021

Additionally, the talking bingo plush also features the following:

  • You can press on the talking bingo plush’s tummy to activate sounds
  • You can sing along to the Bluey theme song 
  • The talking bingo plush comes with 9 different phrases
  • The talking bingo plush is made out of premium, soft, and deluxe fabrics with very detailed stitching.
  • The talking bingo plush is approximately 12 inches tall.
  • The talking bingo plush is not directed at any one gender and is unisex
  • The bran of the talking bingo plush is Bluey
  • The manufacturer of talking bingo plush is Moose Toys PTY LTD
  • Talking bingo plush is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years as the plushie contains one or more of the following items: marbles, small parts, and small balls.

Who the Talking Bingo Plush Suitable For

The talking bingo plush is suitable for anyone over the age of 3. Below the age of three, the talking bingo plush may be a risk since it may contain small parts that a child that young could ingest. 

The talking bingo plush is also suitable for those that have a hobby of collecting plushies, and for those that are simply looking for a cuddle buddy. Collectors and fans alike would be satisfied with the talking bingo plushy.

Moreover, the talking bingo plushie is suitable for those that need a cuddle buddy at night to fall asleep or need a buddy to take with them wherever they go so they have company.

Stores to Buy Talking Bingo Plush 

There are many stores that sell the talking bingo plush, and some of the most common stores include:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Bluey official website
  • Smyth toys superstore
  • Moose toys
  • eBay
  • Ubuy
  • The toy shop
  • Toy world

And many other stores! There are plenty of online stores selling the talking bingo plush so if you can’t find it in one store, there are always others to try!

Steps to Purchase a Talking Bingo Plush

Purchasing a talking bingo plush is easy. You simply need to follow these next steps:

Step 1: Locate your local Walmart or Target via google maps or whatever works for you and get yourself there.

Step 2: Once you have arrived at either store, locate a member of staff and ask them for assistance. They can navigate you towards the location of the talking bingo plush. Or if not, you can simply take yourself to the toys section of the store and find yourself the talking bingo plush.

Step 3: After you have found the talking bingo plush, go to the cashier and pay for the toy.

Step 4: If you are out of luck and do not find the talking bingo plush at the store, you can always purchase it from other stores or online as well. Simply go online and search for the plush and there should be many websites to choose from where you can purchase the plush.


The talking bingo plush is a unique and cuddly toy that any child would love. It is cuddly, soft, and interactive so that both adults and children alike can enjoy the plush to its fullest extent. It is a fun toy to have and is pretty inexpensive for what it is worth. So, get yourself a talking bingo plush and enjoy its coziness to the fullest!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I clean my talking bingo plush?

Answer: Simply using a damp cloth and wiping the plushie is enough to clean the plush. Do not submerge the talking bingo plush in water.

  1. Can I buy the talking bingo plush for my 1-year-old child?

Answer: No. The talking bingo plush is only suitable for those 3 years and above.

Talking Bingo Plush-Learn More About It

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