Transfer Delta Miles To Mariott


In this article, we will guide you on how to Transfer Delta Miles points To Mariott in the easiest way possible.

Transfer Delta Miles To Mariott

The  miles you earn:

You don’t have to keep the Delta Airlines miles you’ve accrued. Essentially, this means that you can transfer the miles you’ve accrued to another company and exchange them for a different reward, such as points. Transferring your Delta miles to Marriott gives you the opportunity to redeem those points for one-of-a-kind rewards.

How to get delta miles:

Earn points for every dollar you spend with a Delta SkyMiles credit card. As long as you match the qualifications, you can obtain extra miles for signing up. For the most part, this means spending a given amount of money within a specific time frame, such as $1,000 in the first three months. Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express cardholders can earn 35,000 bonus miles as a result of this promotion.

Miles can be earned on the following purchases:

  • The Delta Platinum and Reserve credit cards offer 3 miles for every $1 spent with the airline’s partner merchants.
  • Every dollar spent at restaurants and grocery stores earns you two miles of travel. Gold and Platinum cards are eligible.
  • Subsequent purchases will earn you 1 mile for every dollar spent It is applicable to any and all cards.

How to get mariott points:

When you shop with your Marriott Bonvoy card, you’ll rack up rewards points. In order to redeem your points, you can use them to attend special events, dine out, take cruises, and travel. There are a few things you may notice, such as the following:

Purchases made by the hotel

  • A tenth of a percentage point.


  • The dollar is worth 6 cents.


  • A dollar is worth three cents.

Spectacular occasions

  • 2 cents for every $1.00

Be advised that you can only earn a certain number of points every transaction.. There is normally a limit to how much money you can spend before you lose or lose all of your points for the rest of the transaction.

How to transfer miles?

You can Transfer Delta miles To Mariott points if you want to use them for hotel stays or other travel expenses.

Making a reservation with Marriott is one option. Your Delta miles can be redeemed at any Marriott hotel. To begin, go to the Delta SkyMiles marketplace and select “Book a Hotel” from the drop-down menu.

Delta’s SkyMiles are worth three Marriott points each, so your purchases are worth more.

It’s possible that signing in and requesting assistance from Delta will make the transfer process go more smoothly. Alternatively, you can submit a message through the Message Us tool and wait for a response, or you can call Delta at 1-800-455-2720 for assistance.

Transfer of Delta Miles points to Mariott is as simple as following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Delta SkyMiles Marketplace web page and log in at the top of the page using your SkyMiles number, PIN and last name.
  • “Book a Hotel/Rent a Car” from the left-hand sidebar menu.
  • In the hotel tab on the reservations box that appears, then select your desired location, dates of stay, and a number of people in your party, then click “Search.”
  • Scroll through the list of available hotels shown on the results page. When you discover the Marriott hotel that works for you, click “Continue” next to its description.
  • Select the room type you would like on the next page, then click “Continue.”
  • Review the number of miles needed for the hotel (and the remaining dollar amount you must pay if you don’t have enough miles for the whole hotel) and click “Continue.”
  • Enter your name, address, email, and other necessary personal information at the next screen, and follow the remaining prompts to book the reservation. If you need to pay a remaining dollar amount to reserve the hotel, enter in your credit card details when prompted. Be sure to write down the confirmation number for your reservation, or print the page when it is available on the computer.
Transfer Restrictions:

There is no limit on the number of miles that can be transferred from one Delta account each year. Transferring miles to another person’s account is also doable. For now, you’ll need their name and account number to proceed.

You can only transfer 1,000 miles at a time to another person, and you can only transfer up to four persons at a time. Depending on the recipient, you can give as little as $1,000 or as much as $30,000 to them. The account must have been open for at least ten days and have at least one mile in it before you can accomplish this.

Most transfers take place within minutes, but some may take up to a full 24 hours.

Why Transfer?

In the event that you don’t expect to fly for some time, you can transfer your miles to a different airline. This gives you access to Marriott’s or a similar company’s points system.

Instead of flying, you decide to drive across the country. It’s possible that you’d benefit from a transfer because you’d be able to put your newly acquired points toward a hotel stay or other benefits. Many methods are available for redeeming points, notwithstanding the fact that the miles have been wasted.


Q: What is the advantage of transferring miles?

A: By transferring miles you can take benefits other than traveling.

Transfer Delta Miles To Mariott

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