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UPS is also known as United Parcel Service. United Parcel Service (UPS) is a package delivery company that delivers goods and items to over 220 countries worldwide. Ups operates on airlines and land, and they deliver up to 27 million packages per day. UPS delivers small packages like letters, documents, and small parcels around the globe using the air and land. UPS has two arms; the US domestic package and the international package. let’s know about Ups Background Check.

Ups Background Check

UPS recruits delivery men from many countries of the world, and they are specially trained and checked to carry out safe deliveries. UPS conducts a background check on all their employees; they always do a drug test, driving test, criminal record, and driving history of every employee operating a motor vehicle. All these checks are done to ensure that every employee is emotionally, mentally, and physically stable to work. 

What Kind Of Background Checks Does The UPS Conduct?

UPS does its best to ensure that all its employees are mentally, emotionally, and physically fit to do their jobs. United Parcel Service requires that drivers are physically fit and have at least a sport to do the job of a delivery man. UPS also requires that drivers know how to read maps and follow directions; employees must also learn to operate computers. 

 To ensure that all employees are qualified enough to deliver packages around America, there are three types of background checks that the UPS carries out:

  1. Criminal History Checks
  2. Driving history checks
  3. Drug test
  • Criminal History Checks

UPS tries to ensure that all packages are delivered safely every day, and they are on the lookout for individuals with good records to be sure that packages are delivered. The Ups has an image to protect, and they don’t want customers complaining about missing packages, so they always try to carry out a diligent background check. According to the UPS standard, every prospective employee must pass all criminal record checks before they are eligible to move to the next stage. The UPS investigates all prospective employees using an electronic database, and they check for all forms of criminal activities like theft, property damage, robbery, drug trafficking, etc. United Postal Service requires that all its prospective employees pass through two criminal record screenings successfully, after which they will move to the following screening stage. The first criminal record check is done before the employee is offered employment, and the second is done after the employment process has been completed. UPS does this background check to filter those employees that are most likely to steal and get away with packages. 

  • Driving History Checks

UPS has an arm of deliveries on land, so they have drivers who handle company trucks. The UPS always wants to ensure that their trucks will return safely and drivers will not use it for any other business apart from the official assignment. UPS also want to ensure that they don’t employ drivers who don’t have a history of drinking and driving or breaching traffic law. And so, UPS does a driving history check on all their prospective employees. UPS drivers are required to have a Commercial Driving License, and they check for all driving records; they also inspect the drivers speeding and parking tickets. United postal service requires that all employees have a safe driving history. 

  • Drug test 

UPS is cautious not to employ drivers susceptible to drug abuse, so all employees must undergo a drug test before getting employment, and prospective employees must pass these tests. The blood and urine drug tests check for drugs like crystal methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and the like. When there is a trace of any form of medicine in a prospective employee’s bloodstream, they stand a chance of not getting the job. UPS  requires that all employees carry out the test in an accredited health center, and employees will forward the result to the Human resource person. If the prospective employee passes the test, they will be presented with an offer letter that they are required to sign. 

Does UPS Hire Felons?

United Parcel Services has hired felons now because they believe everyone should be given an equal opportunity to work, but there is a strict process. UPS employs more people during the holiday season because they need more hands to deliver daily demands. The following are the processes that the UPS follows to hire felons: 

  1. Please create a profile on the UPS website: All applicants are to create a profile on the UPS website and then wait for the Human resources department to contact them for the first round of interviews. 
  2. Background checks: UPS conducts a background check on every applicant. This background check is done to see the severity of the crime committed. 
  3. UPS does a check to analyze the driving history of every applicant. UPS checks for both personal and work history. Potential drivers also do a driving test for UPS to explore the driving skills of all applicants. 
  4. After the Background check is done, the United Parcel Service does a drug test on all applicants to check for drugs like cocaine. If the tests are negative, UPS gives the job to felons. 
  5. UPS checks the driving history of the applicants to see if they have an account of drinking and driving. 


Ups ensures all drivers do not pose a threat to the organization and customers in any way, and so they ensure that extensive checks are done on the background of every individual. For felons, UPS checks the type of conviction and criminal charges. They also check if the individual is willing to undergo rehabilitation and become a better person before employment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to receive your background check result? 

It takes about three days to complete your background check and receive the test result. After this period, the HR manager will get back to you on the employment status of your employment. 

  1. How many hours do I work per week at UPS? 

Depending on the signed agreement with HR, workers can decide to work for longer, but generally, drivers are required to work about 35 hours per week. 

Ups Background Check -Know More

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