What Are Sun Squad?

Every summer demands and sales numbers increase in almost every chain market. Target has an amazing sales technique that is distinct for the summers called “Sun Squad”. When you go to Target’s official website and search for sun squad, everything you might need for the summer pops up. Let’s go over the 480 pieces of the collection that folds under nine different categories of Target’s sun squad: know about What Are Sun Squad?

What Are Sun Squad?

Beach Chairs & Loungers – What Are Sun Squad?

Not every time you want to sunbathe next to the hotel’s pool or at the beach, you are able to find a free spot. Therefore it is safe to say that one of the absolute musts of summertime is a beach chair or a lounger for your comfort. Target offers 11 options for this category. They all are folding and portable with zippered pockets at the back for practicality and colorful fabrics that make them look more summery. Their adjustable back is helpful to make you feel comfortable during your summer. The prices vary from $15 to $35.

Towels & Mats

After swimming at the beach and before you lay down on your Target lounger what you need is a towel, or if you don’t have a lounger you definitely need a mat to sun yourself. At Target you have 62 options with budget-friendly prices for you and your children. The colorful prints of the towels and mats add a fun spirit to the summer. The cheapest one is $6 and the price goes up to $35.

Water & Beach Toys

The summer is not just about swimming and sunbathing but there are also a lot of different fun little activities you can do that are special to summer vacation. Target owns 35 options of toys to games for you to play at the beach and in the water with fair prices that start from $1.20 to $26.

Outdoor Toys

You may go on a holiday by yourself, with your friends, or with your family and your kids. That means you have to find a way to keep your children entertained, so you can relax as well. In total Target Stores have 45 toy alternatives for beach time. The most uncostly toy is Target’s Bubble Solution 16oz for $0.80, and the most costly ones are the Volcano Bubble Maker and My Bubbling Mower for $16.

Pool Floats & Rafts

Sometimes you might want to sunbathe on the sand but on the water, for it is more soothing. In order to do that you can buy your pool float or raft from Target’s high-quality and budget-friendly goods. The bright-colored water beds that are made of durable and solid materials are light and comfortable to carry. To cool off on the hot summer days you have 58 options in Target their stipends start at $4 and cost up to $32 with Towel Top Float.

Pools & Slides

If you can’t take a vacation for some reasons that might be specific to you, then you can get inflatable pools and slides and turn your yard into a private beach. With Target’s fun and original inflatable pools, play centers, and water slides you can have a great and safe time. Whether you pay a little amount such as $18, or you can spend a bit more extra, that reaches up to not more than $55. 

Lawn Games

The games you can play and the fun you can have on vacation is not limited to a pool or the sea. Your whole family or all of your friends can go out on the green to have a quality and an enjoyable time together. 15 games that will make your and your beloved one’s summer more exciting are diversified among 2 players’, or 2 and more players’ games with a range of ideal ages. You can have a $56.69 Giant Connect Four Game, or a $5 Hockey Set. 

Home and Patio

Another thing to consider when you spend your summer at home is your house and your veranda. Decorating your space with some summer-like, cute items that can always lift people’s spirits is one of the ways to better your whole summer. For the little decoration ideas, Target provides 19 suggestions from soft and charming pillows to summer doormats for your home’s entry featuring fun, bright-colored pictures, and messages. Target has also an outdoor decor collection for American front porches that can cost you something between $25 to $220. 

Pet Gear

Everyone thinks about themselves and their family when it comes to enjoying summer and forgets all about their most loyal friends: their pets. But not Target! Target has a whole category set up for our pawed friends with 33 exceptional items. It offers a group of pet toys such as rubber balls for dogs, or a triple tunnel for cats in company with bowls, collars, water bottles, cat scratch houses, cat and dog tank tops, etc. Their prices start at $3 and end at $20.

For every good, at Target you don’t have to drive up to the store and buy them directly. Instead, you can use Target’s delivery or shipping options depending on your convenience. There are also two deals that include using a Red Card for the shopping and saving %5, and over $100 transaction opportunity to pay slowly over time. As one can clearly see, getting ready for the summer with Target is no doubt beneficial for various reasons.

What Are Sun Squad?

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