What Is Postmates? What Are The Employee Benefits?

Postmates is a food delivery chain that was started in MAY 2011 in San Francisco, California. This food delivery service operates in specific states of the US. Several employees and merchants are working for the company.

What is Postmates

It is a delivery chain that offers services like delivery of grocery items, food items, alcohol, and a few restaurant-made items. The main work is via mobile phone application and the company’s official webpage. There are around more than 5000 employees who work for this chain. And the number of people taking benefits from the app is calculated to be more than 5 million.

History of Postmates:

It was established by three people namely, Sean Plaice, Sam Street, and Bastian Lehman. In 2014, Postmates allowed other small businesses to go hand in hand with big companies like Amazon in a good delivery system. They started an application program interface for this purpose. By 2018, it also initiated a technology called delivery robot that provided last-mile delivery services.

Postmates and Uber:

In 2020, as a result of one of the largest deals in the food delivery domain, Postmates came under Uber in a deal of $2.65 billion. Uber is a company that provides transportation services as well as food delivery. To expand their food delivery services, they made this deal to purchase Postmates.

Are Postmates and Uber eats the same?

Even after being purchased by Uber eats, Postmates operates independently through its application and website. But after this transfer, customers observed a few changes in the working of the application and thought that it kind of seems similar to the application of Uber eats.

  • The applications seem quite similar and users can also connect their Postmates app with the Uber eats.
  • There are the same selections on both applications.
  • Drivers wishing to work for Postmates have to sign up at Uber rather than Postmates.
  • Several drivers who were working for Postmates were then shifted to Uber and were supposed to link their accounts to Uber.

Delivery statistics:

  • There is an estimate of 10,000 monthly users. The number of items being delivered monthly is estimated to be 5 million.
  • By 2019, it has managed to generate an overall revenue of $500 million.
  • By 2020, it had extended its services to 4,200 cities.
  • The total market share is calculated to be 8%.

Delivery rate:

  • For the restaurants that have a partnership with Postmates, the delivery fee for ordering from those is $3.99
  • For the restaurants that do not have a partnership, the delivery fee is slightly high, at $5.99.
  • There is a membership called Postmates unlimited. This membership works like that the user has to pay $9.99 for a month or $83.99 annually and as a result of this they’ll get free deliveries but only if they order for $20 or above. This is quite a cost-friendly membership because if one sums up all the deliveries, the total is often greater than what one has paid for a membership.
  • For restaurants that have not partnered with Postmates, an additional service fee is charged.

Employee benefits:


  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life insurance


  • Work from home policy
  • Company social outings
  • Legal assistance
  • Reduced and flexible working hours
  • Employee discounts such as free lunch
  • Job training


  • Retirement plan
  • Paid holidays
  • Maternity/Paternity leave

Requirements for working as a Postmates driver:

  • The candidate should be 18 years old or above.
  • Needs to pass a background check which is comprised of criminal background as well as driving.
  • Should have a valid US driver Id.
  • The drivers should have a vehicle such as a truck or even a motorcycle to make deliveries.
  • The driver should know about the usage of the company’s application.


Postmates is an online delivery system that allows users to be able to grasp products from different stores and restaurants. As now the company has been acquired by Uber, the services may have changed but it still values its customers. The company ranks 5th in providing customer service. It is a popular application amongst people and people have ranked their experience to be quite friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much employees at Postmates are paid usually?

The employees at Postmates are paid around $25 on average but this may vary according to the working hours of each employee. In addition, if employees are working overtime, this will also affect the amount being paid.

  1. How long does it take to be employed at Postmates?

At Postmates, one has to clear a background check as the first part of the appointment. This may take approximately two weeks.

  1. Which country has the highest demand for Postmates?

According to statistics shown on a webpage, Los Angeles has a maximum number of sales of Postmates. The sales here sum up to 28% of the total sales.

What Is Postmates? What Are The Employee Benefits?

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