Where Can I Sell Old Magazine Newspaper?- Know More About It

Magazines newspaper is one of the ways to get people to read your writings. Several reports claim that thousands of people read magazines daily; it’s simply one of the ways to communicate to your audience. However, some magazines are old, yet they’ve not lost their value and can be sold, serving as a passive income for you. The likely challenge you may have is ‘Where Can I Sell Old Magazine Newspaper?’ and that’s why we’ve prepared this article for you – all you need to do is to continue reading.

Where Can I Sell Old Magazine Newspaper?

Where Can I Sell Old Magazine Newspaper?

Are you seeking where to sell old magazine newspapers? There are several places to sell your Old magazine and there are several purchasers that would love to buy them in bulks. You can sell your old magazine newspapers in places like Neatstuff collectibles, Vintage Magazine, Leone’s collectibles, etc., and the price you get for this depends on many factors including the condition of the magazine at the time of sale and rarity.

But before we go into the details of the topic, understand the value of old magazine newspapers.

The Value of Old Magazine Newspaper

Firstly, you should be informed that old Magazine Newspaper are one of the ideal ways to make legit extra cash without any hassle. The cash you expect to earn while selling old magazine newspapers varies – some may have high monetary value than others. A very rare magazine is set to have more value than the ones you easily come by. 

In other words, the value of old magazines depends on the buyer, the featured current event, issue date, and the condition at the time of sale vary.

Places to sell your old Magazine Newspaper

As stated earlier, there are several recognized places to sell your old magazine newspapers. Whether you wish to sell National Geographic Magazines or old MAD magazines, the prices are not the same, depending on where you’re selling them, rarity, issue date, conditions of your collection, etc.

Here’s the breakdown of the places where you can sell your old magazine newspapers:

Note: We aren’t giving you 100% assurance that these places will buy your old issues, but if your collections are rare and in good/mint condition, you’re more likely to find a purchaser at appealing prices.

1. Neatstuff Collectibles

Neatstuff Collectibles is a great place to sell your old magazines. Recently, Neatstuff has disbursed over $10mm purchasing rare single comics to entire collections. They can go the extra mile by traveling down to you and purchasing your entire magazine collection for vintage toys or cash.

However, you can visit the Neatstuff Collectibles page to see the types of the magazine they buy.

To assist you further, these are the collections of magazines that could get the attention of Neatstuff Collectibles: vintage comic books, toys slideshow, modern comic books, sealed video games, movie memorabilia and props, selective non-sport and sports cards, Star Wars collectibles, etc.

On the other hand, they don’t buy dolls, barbies, beanie babies, antiques, etc., and their payment method is cash.

2. Vintage Magazines

Another recognized place to sell your old magazine is VintageMagazines.com. the vintage magazine has sold over 10,000 old magazines with their preference being the 1960s non-fiction magazines.

On the other hand, they don’t buy magazines that are hardcover-bound, life, playboy, National Geographic, Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Hollywood, Inspirations, etc., and their payment method is through PayPal or check.

3. Sell Me Your Collectibles

Sell-Me-Your-Collectibles have been purchasing and trading collectibles in mass for many years. They’ll purchase a series of collectibles including paying cash for vintage Magazine Newspaper, and they have a refund policy. However, they don’t buy magazines related to dishes, sports cards, non-authenticated memorabilia, collector plates, etc.

Magazines like the vintage magazine, playboy before 1965, old jet magazines, rare books, old historical magazines, vintage Star Wars, Beatles, sports programs, etc., interest the company and their payment method is cash.

Mr-Magazine/Leone’s Collectibles & eBay Store

Mr-Magazine, based in Rochester, New York, is the online marketplace for Leone’s Collectibles. Leone’s Collectibles has over 20,000 collectible things for sale on eBay. Also, their store on Amazon has about 25,000 vintage items. 

Just like some other places, Mr- Magazine Collectibles is interested in comic books, wrestling action figures, Star Wars statues, vintage toys, trading cards, puzzles, etc., and they also pay in cash. 

Other Places to sell includes:

  • Back to The Past Pop Culture Collectibles
  • eBay


You may never understand that you can make extra cash until you learned how to and where to sell your old magazine newspapers. There are a few numbers of companies and online stores that buys and sells old magazine newspapers and you can make 6-figures from selling your old magazines. However, you should keep in mind that the chance of selling your magazine and the price you earn depend on the condition of your collection, rarity, issue date, and the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where Can I Look for Old Magazine Newspapers?

There are a couple of places to get a collection of old magazines. It’s ideal to know where to gather old magazine newspapers before thinking of making extra cash from selling them. You can get old magazine newspapers for free in garages, attics, basements, parks, friend’s houses, etc.

  • What are the Tips to Sell my Magazine Collections?

To sell your magazine effortlessly, you should do the following: photograph your collection, consolidate your collection, keep your items simple, and carefully search for a better marketplace to sell your collection. 

  • Does Vintage Magazine buy all magazines?

No. Even though they buy a large number of magazines in bulk, they don’t buy some magazines, particularly hardcover-bound magazines, or magazines related to National Geographic, Hollywood, motor trends, inspirations, etc.

Where Can I Sell Old Magazine Newspaper?- Know More About It

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