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Woot retails many different products. It contains different products from casual t-shirts to technological devices. For this reason, the variety that customers can purchase has increased. Since there is such a variety, the demand for product returns has inevitably increased. The customer who doesn’t like his product needs guidance on the Woot return policy. If you fit this profile, this article is for you. This article will talk about the general lines of the Woot return policy, such as the return period, the exceptions, the return methods, and the refund phase.

Woot Return Policy

General İnformation

Woot’s return policy emphasizes that if you do not like a product you purchased or you discover that it is defective, Woot allows you to return the product within 30 days. In addition, the product you want to return must be undamaged and undamaged. So you have to return the product in its new condition. Also, one of the exceptions is that returns are not initiated for products with a price below $ 20, and thus you cannot return them. Furthermore, if you return a defective or defective product, you will not pay for shipping, but if you return a product simply because you do not like it, the shipping fee will be charged.

Furthermore, returns of non-defective bulky products delivered through a carrier will cost a flat $50 return shipping fee. Furthermore, contrary to the general belief about retail, woods is an internet retailer, so it only allows returns utilizing an online system. This may not be easy for people accustomed to the classical system.

Return Process By Yourself

Woot return policy is self-service one of two methods. You can initiate a self-service returns process yourself. First, log in to your Woot account and go to the page with the products you bought. It would help if you pressed the I need help button next to the product you want to return and then printed your return label. Ship packaged products to Woot using the return shipping label.

Return Process Using Support Page

Another method is a continuation of the return process using the support page. Products sent by the courier company are not eligible for the self-service return method under the Woot return policy. That’s why the support page and the progress method appear as other methods:

  1. You must log in to your Woot account.
  2. You can contact Woot employing the support page. Then you should select ‘I want to ask for my order’ and click I want to return my product.
  3. Click I want to return the products I ordered and select a product you want to return.

Some Exceptions

There are some exceptions regarding the Woot return policy. You must know these criteria before requesting a return. First, the return process is not suitable for returning food and perishable products. However, flexible understanding is shown in the return process according to the problems and reasons of the customers. Also, returns are not accepted for products that use fuel, such as lawnmowers and grills.

Moreover, you should consult customer service at support@woot.com before returning products containing lithium batteries. Lastly, Woot does not accept dangerous products such as flammable liquids and gases. However, there is an exception to this, and if there is a defect or problem caused by Woot when the product is delivered, the return can be accepted.

Refund Stage At The End Of Return Process

In the refund section, which is the most important part for customers, who demand returns, Woot will refund your original payment method, whatever it is. You can use the combined returns method for orders that are eligible for free returns and not for free returns. For these combined returns, the Woot return policy has the right to reduce the return shipping cost of non-conforming products from your refund amount. What’s more, a shipping fee of $50 will be deducted from your refund by a particular carrier to return heavy, large, and bulky products shipped.


As a result, it is normal for Woot, which sells a wide variety of products, to encounter many return requests. Using only online returns, Woot gives customers 30 days and finally has a policy for a refund. Although there is only an online return policy, this online return has two different methods. Woot also has some exceptions to return for health and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I return a defective product on Woot?

A) If the product you purchased is defective, you can return it. You may have to return them before they start the refund and exchange process. However, if the product is not found to be defective, it will charge you a 15% restocking fee. Also, they won’t refund you your original shipping charges.

Q) Does Woot accept returns on Bags O’ Crap products?

A) No. Woot does not accept returns on Bags O’ Crap products.

Woot Return Policy – Know More

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