get keys made near me

Have you ever lost your key? That is a painful experience especially when there are no replacements available. That means you won’t have access to your house or car temporarily. In such situations, you’re going to be a little bit confused and that is not a very good time to start looking for places to get your keys made. Therefore, it is better to have your key duplicates when you’re not in such emergencies. There are many places to easily get your keys made in your location at cool prices and the purpose of this article is to help you find such places. This article shed light on get keys made near me

get keys made near me

Home Improvement Stores where you can make keys 

There are many home improvement stores where you can get your keys made. The following Home Improvement Stores offer this service;

1. Home Depot: This is one of the major retail shops in the US. They have trained personnel in almost all their location who could help you make your keys. They replace all kinds of keys but before you visit their stores try to find out if the branch offer this service.

2. Lowes: This is another big retail store. They provide quick and convenient key replacement or duplication services in their stores. They are all over the United States of America and also have branches in Canada.

3. True Value Hardware: This is another big store which provide key replacement and duplication services.  They can duplicate or replace your home keys, car keys, and other key types. Their branches are all across the country.

4. Ace Hardware: Ace hardware also offer key replacement and duplication services in almost all their location across the country. They are known to have one of the best customer care services. They specialize in replacement for all key types.

5. Menard’s: This is a well-known store in the United States. You can get your keys replaced quickly and easily in their stores. At Menard’s, key duplication services are always done by self-service kiosks in big stores.

Grocery Stores where you can make keys

In most grocery stores, key replacement services are done by self-service kiosks or some experienced personnel.

1. Walmart: This company can be classified under the home improvement and grocery stores. They offer key duplication services too. Each of their branch have either a self-service kiosk or personnel that can help you get this service.

2. Rite-Aid: The well-known pharmacy and grocery store also offer key replacement services for all types of keys. Rite-Aid also have a lockout service option (you can leave your key design and access it with a fingerprint scan when should the key gets lost).

3. Fred Meyer: Just like Walmart, this is a grocery and home improvement store. They have a self-service kiosk and some personnel to assist you. Another reason why this is a good place for this is their nice customer care department. 

4. Kroger: This is one of the largest grocery store chains in the nation. They have a self-service kiosk that can assist key replacements in their various branches. They are mainly located in the south and western areas of the nation.

5. BJ’s Wholesale Club: This is a large grocery store mainly located in the east coast area. They have self-service kiosks that offer key duplication services for home and auto keys.

6. Safeway: This is a big grocery chain that provides car duplication services in kiosks as well. They also offer a lockout service just like Rite-Aid. They are located in many areas nationwide.

Automotive stores where you can make keys

In addition to selling car parts, automotive stores also offer other services such as key replacement. Some make keys for just vehicles while others go beyond that. These stores include:

1. Advance Auto Parts: They operate in over 40 states and offer key replacement and duplication services for cars. Some manufacturers don’t like their keys to duplicated by third-party stores, if yours is included you’ll have to head to your dealer to replace them.

2. Napa Auto parts: They are known for selling car batteries but apart from that, they make keys. They offer replacement services for house keys and car keys. You can their stores in your area.

3. O’Reilly Auto parts: Apart from providing car part services, they have a station where you could make key replacement or duplications both for your car, house, and any other key type. Their stores are located all across in America.

4. Pep Boys: They have self-service kiosks in most of their locations that provide key replacement options for various kinds of keys. You can check them up in your location. 

Other places you can get your keys made

1. Locksmiths: They are professionals in offering key duplication services and they can be found in all the cities. They can duplicate any kind of key (including special ones). Some companies offer mobile locksmith services too. Check the reviews of these locksmiths to make sure you get the best service.

2. KeyMe app: You can download this app with your mobile phone, send them an image of the key you wish to duplicate, and in a few days they’ll send your key over. They also have self-service kiosks in big stores where they offer the same services. 

3. MinuteKEY: They have chains of self-service kiosks in big stores and groceries. Apart from the key duplication service, they can customize your keys for you too.

Cost of making new keys

The price depends on one the key type and the place you are visiting. House keys are cheaper than automobile keys, and locksmiths and mobile services are more expensive than stores. Generally, the price range is from $2 to $8.

Conclusion : get keys made near me

As you’ve seen, there are various places where you can get your keys duplicated.  You can do that from your home, visit a local store, or a large retail store. But, make sure these stores offer such services available by making some research online or calling in.

get keys made near me

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