How To Change Wifi Password?

The earlier you realize you have to frequently change your wifi password the better because this practice shakes off potential threats and theft of your details on the network by hackers targeting such vulnerable connections. This practice also keeps your home or office network safe and fast reducing the chances of external interruptions. Changing passwords also helps keep your internet secure and having it ensures not everyone can connect to your network. Know more about Change Wifi Password

How To Change Wifi Password?

One can easily change a wifi password by going through a few steps depending on the device he or she is using. Usually, the possible devices are routers, using computers or laptops, and using mobile phones. To change the wifi password on routers follow the following steps;

Step 1: Access the router configuration page.

To achieve this, open any browser on your mobile phone, Mac, or PC and type in your router’s default IP address in the URL bar. Usually, the router’s default IP address is found at the bottom of the router.

Type the Ip address into the browser and press enter. Note that it’s advisable to check your router’s specific details as this may differ.

Step 2: Log in with the default username and password

The login interface should appear and you should be able to log in using the username and password that are displayed alongside the IP address on your router.

If you have trouble logging in, consult with the router manufacturer or the Internet service provider(ISP).

Step 3: Locate the administrative tools or settings to the wifi network you want to change security details.

Once logged in, locate the settings and identify the type of network you would like to change the security credentials. Fill out the form with the new password and username inputs. 

In some cases, one may want to reset the details more frequently in the future so it’s good for you if you have to note down the current password and username used to remember on your next reset.

Save or update the security details by clicking the SAVE, UPDATE or Apply buttons that may appear to make changes congratulations you have successfully changed your wifi password.

In most cases, the devices connected to the network previously may be disconnected. If this happens one needs to reconnect them with the new wifi password.


It is advisable to change your wifi password after every 3 months, can be weeks or anytime you feel like someone is using your wifi without your consent. This practice helps secure your internet connection and can reduce the chances of being vulnerable by sharing your bank details on online purchases. 

These are some of the things the hackers are after to do purchases online. To be on the safer side, just try changing or have an expert change the wifi password for you. Remember you can only call for help from a genuine person because some people can share your passwords with others.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I change my wifi password from my phone?

Yes, You can change your wifi password from your phone by following the same steps mentioned in the article. 

  • Open the browser on your phone 
  • Enter the default IP address of your router and press enter
  • The login form shows up
  • Enter log-in details from your router or somewhere you noted (if it’s the subsequent resets)
  • Log in and find the wireless security settings 
  • Enter a new password and username
  • Click Save, Update, or Apply buttons if any to make the changes 
  • Your password has been changed successfully 

Can I have my wifi password changed by another person?

Yes, you can have your wifi password changed by someone you trust but should share the details with you. It is, however, advisable for total security purposes of your network, you should be the one changing the security credentials and you will have to remember on the next edits.

How do I find my router’s login details?

In most cases, it’s on the bottom or top side of your router indicated. You can be able to fetch the credentials from there. However, if you have a hard time locating it, you can contact the router manufacturer or your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) for help.

Usually, their contacts are still on the router or the box that is used to package the devices.

How can I make my wifi less vulnerable?

One can not be completely immune from vulnerability but can just try to be unpredictable. The most appropriate way is to use a strong password and avoid using personal names or credentials such as ID number, Passport number, or date of birth that can be easily be obtained from you through a process called social engineering and fishing.

How do I generate strong passwords?

There are tools one can use to generate passwords either online or offline. Some apps can be used to generate strong passwords and keeps history for you so you can revisit the app on your next reset. This method can be cool but have its limitations if the attacker is aware of the app can still access your mobile phone and get all the passwords in your history. So one has to be very careful.

My Phone disconnected after resetting my Wifi password.

This happens in most cases after a wifi password reset. The connected devices need to be reconnected to the same network using the new passwords.

This should work and your phone should get connected once again.

How will I know that someone is connected to my wifi?

While setting up your router, one can set the maximum number of users on his network. One has control over his or her wifi network. When you find out that an extra person is using your network making it exceed the number of people you gave the privilege to then that is the time to reset your password or disable the suspected user by his or her IP address.

How To Change Wifi Password?

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