How To Turn Off Find My Phone On Apple Watch?

People are very disappointed and worried when they lose their phones or misplace them. Finding them back can be a real struggle. Sometimes the phone is misplaced in the nearby places and sometimes we have no clue as to where our smartphone could be. To prevent this kind of trouble a multinational technology company named “Apple” has launched an innovative feature app “Find my phone”. Find out more about how to turn off find my phone on Apple watch.

How To Turn Off Find My Phone On Apple Watch?

What is the Find my phone feature?

This feature enables the people to locate their phones through any  Apple’s smart devices. It is a built-in feature which can locate any other smart device and tell you where it is. Whenever the device is lost you can simply use this feature and find your phone back in no time. This feature is available in all Apple devices. It allows you to find your phone on Apple watch.

There are four options for anyone who is finding their phone namely;

1.Locate the device

2.Play sound

3.Secure device

4.Erase device

The purpose of the functions:

Following is the purpose of three options given in the Find my Phone feature:

1.Locate the device:

The first thing that the owner of any lost or stolen device does is to try finding his belongings. By following a specific procedure with necessary requirements, the owner can easily find the device because its location would be traced.

2.Play sound:

If you’ve misplaced your phone in a familiar place or in your homes you can simply tap on this option which will cause your phone to ring on the highest volume for a specific time. By following the sound we can simply find our phone without stressing too much.

3.Secure device:

This option is used when you have no idea where your phone is or if it is stolen. By choosing this option we can lock our screen and set a pin or password of our choice to avoid any personal security issues. This way the thief or anyone who finds the phone first will not be able to go through any of our private data.

4.Erase device:

This is the final option used only when we are unable to find our phone or any worst case. On choosing this feature we erase the entire memory and data of our device permanently. There is no reversing this option once it’s done. This way at least the person who has lost the phone does not have to worry about his personal information.

The procedure of locating the device:

Below mentioned are the steps to locate the lost\misplaced or stolen device:

Step 1:

Install the app or find the “Find my phone” website on any search engine.


Check whether the logged in Apple ID of the lost device and the device we are using to find the lost one are the same. If they are not the same then login the Apple ID of the lost device.

Step 3:

After logging in the device will show the previous data of the lost device and its history. Then it will show you the current location of the device in which the Apple ID is logged in.

Step 4:

Follow the navigation to find your device.


As written above this feature is available in any Apple smart device. An Apple smart watch is also one of them. We can also track our devices by using a smart watch. Many times people can use a smartwatch to find their lost phone. It is very simple to turn off this feature once we fulfill the need for it.

The answer of “How to turn off find your phone on apple watch” is mentioned in the following steps:

Step 1:

To turn off this feature from the Apple watch we need another smart device with which the watch is paired and the smart watch app should be installed in it.

Step 2:

Shutdown the Apple watch.

Step 3:

Unpair the Apple watch from your phone through the app.

Step 4:

Go to the ICloud website and sign in your Apple ID.

Step 5:

Go to the option “Find my phone” and choose “My watch”.

Step 6:

The final step is to remove your account from the Apple watch. After this you can no longer stay connected with any of your other Apple devices.

Things to take care of while using of turning this feature off:

There are some very important things to take notice of while using the Find my phone feature or turning it off. Some of them are:

1.While using this feature make sure that the ID logged in both devices is the same.

2.After turning the feature off don’t forget to delete all your  settings and data from the watch because they are not deleted automatically even after turning off.

3. The whole feature depends on GPS. If the GPS is not enabled there is no use of it. So keep your GPS turned on in case of any mishap.

How To Turn Off Find My Phone On Apple Watch?

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