How To Watch The Oscars?

How to Watch the Oscars?

How To Watch The Oscars?

Hollywood’s biggest night, The Oscars is a night for glamour and entertainment. It is a time of homage and celebration of films and artists that kept us going with the wonderful magic of cinema. As the entertainment world gears up to know who wins the golden statuette, as million-dollar blockbusters and heart-melting independent cinema line up for the race, you might as well be excited about it. Whether or not you think the Oscars are relevant in this crucial age of Attention Economy, everyone wants to know who the winners of the glistening night are.

The platform you can use to watch the Oscars depends on which geographic location you are in. The Academy Awards will be streamed live from the Dolby Theatre annually (with exceptions, including the 2021 Covid year). 

To watch it on Television from the US:

For a person residing in the United States, you can catch it on TV with a subscription to the ABC network. The subscription even allows you to watch it on your phone or laptop through their website.

To watch it online: 

These days cable TV is not as ubiquitous as before, and thus it creates a slight hurdle. But there are streaming services like Disney+, Hulu, Vidgo, and fuboTV, where you can both watch it live and catch the highlights later. 

Most of these offer one-week free trials too, so if you haven’t purchased any of these but really want to tune in during the Oscars, Free Trials are a good option. Hulu + Live TV might be the best option for people in the US as it generally comes with around 75 channels and an incredible selection of movies. It has added benefits such as just $69.99 per month; you will have access to content on Hulu as well as Disney+ and ESPN.

YouTube TV is another excellent subscription offer with a variety of more than 100 channels for $65. And for a cinephile, all these subscriptions are great opportunities to immerse themselves more in the world of cinema. 

If Elsewhere, How to watch the Oscars on TV?

The Academy’s official website has provided a list of all the countries and where the live streaming is available in each respective one. You can access the list

In the UK, it is streamed on SkyCinemas, CTV in Canada, TV Chosun in South Korea, etc.

How to watch it from India?

Cinephiles in India need to sit through the crack of the dawn to catch the glitzy night live, but the platforms are available.

In TV, it is up live in Star Movies and associated Star channels like Star World and Star World Premiere, with the events starting at about 5:30 in the morning, whatever be the date. If the timing is slightly cruel for you to sit 3 hours on, there is a re-telecast at 8:30 at night the same day.

As for streaming services, the provider in India is Disney+ Hotstar and good news! – you do not need a premium subscription to do that!

Where to catch the Highlights of the Event?

It is completely understandable that not everyone would want to watch the entire ceremony which lasts for more than 3 hours. We got that covered too! The Academy’s Twitter handle (@TheAcademy) posts all the winners in a minute or two after the live official announcement. There will be an accompanying short video of the Oscar speeches for all the categories. 

Or if you want to be very selective and are not intending to watch the ceremony live nor the entirety of it, or want to see your favorite Actor or Actress’ or Director’s winning moment, the YouTube channel of the Oscars will have the videos up with enough details in the title and description for you, although you might need to wait a day in order to watch that. 

But If… 

Well, there are always cases where none of the above-listed methods are working for you, with the links and websites being geo-blocked in your region, you might need to use VPN. This will give you an IP address based in the United States and you can watch the star-studded event in the comfort of your home, cosying up in warm blankets. Here’s a link to a detailed and expert guide to installing VPN

Well, that’s it! We hope you are catching up on the films released this year and eagerly waiting for your favorite picks to win in the 95th Academy Awards.

How To Watch The Oscars?

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