Package Not Due For Delivery- Read More About It

Now and then you order something or send a parcel. There are so many things that could go wrong. It has to pass through many stages before it reaches your doorstep. Let us know more detail about ‘Package Not Due For Delivery’.

Package Not Due For Delivery

Package Not Due For Delivery

With every order, you decide when you would like it to be delivered, whether it will be economy or premium shipping. And at the end, you are given a tracking number which helps you to keep a track of the status.

But what to do when you see ‘not due to deliver’? Is your package lost? Was it sent back to the sender? Do you have to get it yourself?

FedEx sometimes delays the delivery even if the package has reached its final destination before going to the customer. There is nothing to be worried about. It will be delivered to you on time. 

What Does It Mean?

When you order something online, the delivery company keeps you updated about the status of your package. 

Either the parcel is in the warehouse, in delivery, or delivered. But sometimes it may happen that your package has arrived but it will not be delivered. It is not a big deal. 

There is no need to panic. It simply means that your package has arrived at its FedEx location but is still not due for delivery. FedEx is known to keep up to its schedule. If the parcel arrives before time, it will not deliver the package until due. 

Reasons Why Your Package Is Not Delivered

There can be multiple reasons why the package is not delivered.

  • FedEx takes care of the needs of its customers. If the customer has selected a specific date for the package to be delivered, then even if the parcel has arrived it will not be delivered. It will be delivered on the date selected by the customer.
  • You have selected a basic shipment plan. Your package arrives on Saturday or Sunday. In this case, FedEx does not make deliveries until you have paid for the premium shipment.
  • All the parcels have to pass the security check. If your package has failed to pass the security,  it will be sent back to the sender. And the sender has to send the package again.
  • The delivery vehicle is at its full capacity and does not have any space for additional parcels. In this case, the delivery people will prioritize the package scheduled to get delivered that day. 
  • It is not usually the like thatbut  it can also be the case that FedEx does not have any delivery man available at the time. Hence the delivery cannot be made. 

Can You Pick It Up Yourself?

Though have paid for home delivery now that the package has arrived but will not be delivered until it’s due? You might wonder if you can go and collect the Package yourself?

According to the policy of FedEx, it will not allow to handover of the package until the first delivery attempt.

What does that mean? FedEx first tried to deliver the product itself. If the first attempt of delivery fails, then the packages go back to the FedEx location. Then they might allow you to come and pick it up yourself. 

However, you can contact customer care and information that you need to pick up the package by yourself. 

Locating Your Package 

You have to locate your package. After the customer care has approved your request only then you can proceed with locating your package. 

With every order you place, you get a tracking number. By using that tracking number, you can locate where your package is, and after a 3rd failed attempt you will be allowed to get your hands on your package.

You can also send an email to FedEx with your tracking number and they will inform you where is your package located. Keep in mind even if you locate your package it will not be given until they face failed attempts to deliver it to your doorstep.

FedEx Refund Policy

If you think that your parcel has passed the expected delivery date and is still showing the status of ‘not due for delivery. You can claim a refund. FedEx assures that all packages are delivered on time so if one package is not delivered on time, it will refund you the shipment charges.  

Final Verdict

FedEx makes sure that all deliveries are made on the committed time. Neither early nor a day early. It is done so to make the customers feel at ease. 

If you are getting a notice that the package is not due to deliver, then there is no action needed to be taken. Just sit back and the package will be delivered on the day it was supposed to be delivered. 

  • Does ‘not due for deliver’ mean my parcel is lost?

No, it does not mean that your parcel is lost. 

  • Do I have to go myself to get the order?

No, the shipment is delivered at the given time.

  • How do I know if my package is lost?

You can know it by tracking number or call the customer support

Package Not Due For Delivery- Read More About It

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